The path to a
thriving team is
not complex.

It just requires intentionality.

Why do some teams perform well?
And other teams do not?

Research from universities and experiments with teams of knowledge workers show three common factors to high-performing teams:

Teamraderie is adopted by the world’s best companies
to help their teams to thrive

High-performing teams are no accident:
they are led by managers who are deliberate

performance, diversity, inclusion and psychological safety

We help managers lead with intentionality

by leveraging the world’s best thinking
  • How to create
  • How to establish
  • How to develop
    • The “Vulnerability” Effect

      “Teams that exhibit vulnerability demonstrate higher trust and creativity.”
      Zak et al, Claremont McKenna College

    • The “Core of Connection”

      “Teams that share personal stories to reveal core motivations show 20% higher belonging.”
      Rowatt et al, Baylor University

    • The "Fearless" Effect

      “Teams that ensure all members admit mistakes show higher creativity, agility, and cohesion.”
      Edmondson et al, Harvard Business School

    • The "Curiosity Cure"

      “Teams that adopt a practice of 'curiosity' to problem-solving show better resilience and responsiveness.”
      Delizonna et al, Stanford University

    • "The Power of Purpose"

      “Teams that discuss purpose to their work show reduced attrition and elevated rating of well-being.”
      Alexander et al, Northwestern

    • "Help Your Team Find Purpose"

      “Giving members a way to articulate purpose leads to teams that do more, and do it better.”
      Quinn et al, University of Michigan

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Our customers report immediate benefit

with more engaged and productive teams
“I feel connected to my coworkers.”
Standard employee experience
Standard employee experience + Teamraderie
“I find my work meaningful.”
Standard employee experience
Standard employee experience + Teamraderie
Opportunity for growth
Standard employee experience
Standard employee experience + Teamraderie
Employees retained at the company
Standard employee experience
Standard employee experience + Teamraderie
And the result has been one of the

fastest enterprise adoption stories on record

Meet the people who guide our team

    • Frances Frei

      Frances is the UPS Foundation Professor of Services Management and Senior Associate Dean of the Harvard Business School, and formerly was SVP of Leadership at Uber. She has studied how teams form trust with each other and believe that “trust” in team scan unlock unprecedented human progress

    • Robert Sutton

      Bob is a professor of management science at Stanford University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has written five NY Times best-selling books, including The No Asshole Rule, Scaling-Up Excellence and Good Boss, Bad Boss. He has studied the dynamics teams and leaders must establish to achieve high-performance.

    • Keith Rabois

      Keith is a Managing Director at Founders Fund and has been an early-stage investor and executive at PayPal, LinkedIn, Slide and Square. Keith believes that teams are the source of advantage for every great company and that preserving and advancing their connection is the utmost priority of CEOs.

    • Josh Bersin

      Josh Bersin is the president and founder of Bersin & Associates, a leading industry research and advisory firm in enterprise learning and talent management. Bersin is the author of Irresistible: Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations and three other acclaimed books on learning and talent management.