Creating an Engaging Event

Are you trying to inspire your team or customer to action?

We used academic research to find a few possible solutions for your company.

Whatever you do,
DON'T hire a speaker.

Researchers evaluated overall attentiveness in virtual meetings by comparing audiences listening to a speaker (one-directional), and audiences actively participating in a meeting with the same speaker (two-directional). Attentiveness measures rose dramatically when audiences participated. 

Share the same
food or drink.

Researchers studying collaboration found people eating the same food could reach agreement and find win-win scenarios twice as fast as people eating different foods, and nearly 75% faster than people wearing the same shirt.

Have meaningful conversations about ideas.

Researchers studying interpersonal closeness found a 45-minute conversation premised on specific types of questions creates interpersonal connection perceived as closer than the closest connection with someone people have known for years.

Foster diverse interactions to expand openness to new ideas.

Researchers found expanding group membership to include an outsider led the group to generate 30% more and better ideas, and particularly improved the creative output of the most tenured team members most significantly. This process also keeps intra-team rivals from negating each others’ ideas.

Recommended experiences
leveraging proven engagement concepts


The world’s fastest woman leads discussion with your team on ‘winning’ – including the idea that no athlete (no matter how strong) can win on ‘physical strength’ alone; inspires your team to think multi-dimensionally.

A Wine Tasting and Ode to Curiosity in Business

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option



Non-Alcoholic Option

Non-Alcoholic Option


Startup winery shocks the world and creates 40+ years of #1 wines by practicing a ‘Culture of Curiosity’. Drink great wine and discuss what such a culture could mean at your company and how to foster it effectively.


Hollywood’s #1 choreographer and global TikTok phenom Matt Steffanina entertains your team with how your business transformation is exactly like dance. Practice a team dance move — taught by Matt — to close your meeting.

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