The Experience

What if we treat our team like we do our most cherished relationships – episodically revisiting what they need to develop and thrive?

Stanford University’s Dr. Kathryn Segovia leads your team in two exercises that help teams perform at their highest potential.

In “The Subtraction Game”, she helps your team rid the thing that depletes energy. And in “The Strengths Game”, she helps you double-down on what yields best performance.

Dr. Segovia will track your team’s progress with an interactive artifact that you’ll build throughout the experience. Receive this afterwards to continue the discussion.

This Experience is an opportunity for access to one of Stanford’s most popular professors.

International-Ready International-Ready
$3,000 for up to 10 people
Artboard 1 48-hour hold available
L&D budget friendly

Meets requirements for most corporate learning and development budgets.
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The Creators

Dr. Kathryn Segovia is the Head of Learning Experience Design, Executive Education at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford.

Dr. Segovia holds a Bachelors, Masters and PhD from Stanford University. She is an expert in helping teams flex their creativity and innovation muscles to address complicated, long-standing challenges with a new set of design thinking tools.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals. Read more about the needs this experience could fill for your team.

Bond and Engage

Starting a New Team or Project


Learning and Development

This experience is eligible under most corporate Learning & Development budgets.

Further documentation can be found here.

“Team Refresh” teaches skills to become a leader who is adept at both removing obstacles and doubling-down on effective techniques. Attendees learn, discuss, and develop their own ability to create focus on their teams.


Lisa • May 2021

CHRO at $200M SaaS company

“…I used this to bring our team together and revisit how we all work…incredibly effective…”


Susan • May 2021

CHRO on 8-person executive team

“…this was an effective way for us to hit the ‘reset’ button and start afresh…well-done…”

David • May 2021

CRO on 11-person executive team

“…Kathryn is popular Stanford professor and was great to have her work with us…”

Lisa • May 2021

Chief of Staff on 15-person team

“…we loved the ‘artifact’ that Kathryn provides post-experience…great job synthesizing what was happening…”