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What could your team learn from analyzing ‘athletic plays’ from cricket matches, rugby scrums, soccer games, and American football?

Great team plays in sports involve players that recalibrate themselves to meet the needs of others. The most celebrated ‘athletic plays’ are often displays of agile human empathy.

In this Teamraderie experience, your team will be joined live by former Stanford football great and NASCAR pit crew pioneer Andy Papathanassiou. You will watch short (30-second) videos together of inspiring plays from the world’s favorite sports. Andy will help your team reflect on the different forms of empathy (“The Three Forms”) displayed by great athletic teams.

In a live and interactive discussion, your team will then apply these Three Forms to the critical collaboration activities that you will be pursuing together.

Your team will recognize that – while they may not be able to display the athletic prowess of Ronaldo Cristobal or Patrick Mahomes, they are capable of ‘upping their game’ in the empathy of their collaboration with others.

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  • Andy Papathanassiou

    Andy Papathanassiou became NASCAR’s first “pit crew coach,” and an original member of Jeff Gordon’s race team in 1992. His philosophy and views as an outsider ultimately shifted the paradigm of how pit crews train their members. Andy employed an athletic mindset which centered on practice and repetition, coaching and review, innovation and process improvement. Collectively, he calls this philosophy, Over the Wall. Andy holds a Bachelor’s in economics and Master’s degree in Sociology, from Stanford University, starting four years on the football team. This athletic career formed the foundation of his disruptive history in professional motorsports.

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Director Events at SaaS company
February, 2023

“…such a great international experience. wonderful for teams all-over.”

Chief of Staff at $100 SaaS company 
January, 2023

“…we enjoyed the exercises that we did together during the experience. We took away some helpful tips on how to build an inclusive and effective hybrid workplace…”

Manager of Project Leaders
January, 2023

“…Andy was interactive, efficient, and effective for our team…”

Associate of VP for $100M SaaS company
February, 2023

“Integrating empathy is something that has been extremely useful among our team thanks to Andy and the Teamraderie Team!”

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Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.