Your Team's Experience

In this session, you’ll learn how stress and anxiety can impact your focus, energy levels, problem-solving, and communication – and practice easy techniques that will bring clarity and productivity into your work and life.

Many employees are more stressed now than ever, with the weight of the pandemic and working from home sitting on top of their workload. In this interactive session, your team will learn how stress, frustration, and anxiety affects their ability to respond effectively to their work and life – and then learn simple everyday techniques that increase energy levels, overall well-being, productivity, and happiness. All of the techniques are rooted in over 30 years of research from the HeartMath Institute, where they’ve studied the stress response and our ability to self-regulate our nervous system. 

In this foundational session, your team will walk away with simple techniques they can use everyday to manage stress and improve team well-being. 

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Kevin Hekmat

    Kevin Hekmat is a corporate well-being and mindfulness coach who’s here to shift how we respond to stress – and bring more happiness, productivity, and communication to teams around the world.


    He uses over 30 years of research from the HeartMath Institute to share a new understanding of how we can manage the stress response through simple, evidence-based techniques, and create a happier and healthier work and life.

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$1,000 for up to 30 people
HeadcountYou can always add more attendees later!
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What Happens Next?


Business Development Manager
February, 2023

“The session was a home run. Kevin gave our team the tools to manage their stress and be more effective in their lives. this was exactly what our team needed right now.”

Chief Innovation Officer
January, 2023

“I highly recommend Kevin to any organization looking to book someone in matters of stress and mental health. It was incredibly interactive and felt like we were in person, not virtual. Each person felt heard and valued. If your team is feeling stress, Kevin can definitely help.”

Customer Success Manager
January, 2023

“…my team is still talking about their time with Kevin, he is exceptional…”

VP of Product
February, 2023

“…so well-done; we wanted to catalyze our team to see things differently; two weeks after our session, we were still citing elements from it and using it to challenge each other…”

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.