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Collaborating as a team requires a unique set of talents. Despite your team’s distinctive skill sets, there are abundant lessons that might be drawn from the mission planning and operational assessment skills used within the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams.

Named after the environment in which they operate (Sea, Air and Land), Navy SEALS are the foundation of U.S. Special Warfare combat forces. They are organized, trained and equipped to conduct a variety of Special Operations missions in all operational environments. Among the most important lessons they learn is ‘how’ to conduct missions as a ‘team’.

In this Teamraderie experience, you will be divided into groups. Each group will be given a mission objective requiring you land, navigate, and successfully exit a hostile terrain. With instruction provided live by a 10-time combat veteran Intelligence Officer, who planned hundreds of operations while assigned to SEAL Teams and other elite units, your team will practice the mission planning and execution skills.

Throughout this virtual experience, you will be given clues and – working together – will execute the mission. At the close, you will jointly reflect on what was learned – and how it can be applied to your work and team.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Mike Bailey

    Mike Bailey served as an Intelligence Officer and conducted ten (10) combat deployments with the Navy SEAL Teams and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command. He was named the Intelligence Instructor of the Year at the U.S. Department of Defense and was one of four officers selected for the Navy’s Politico-Military Fellowship Program. In addition to his military service, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Yale University, a Masters from Johns Hopkins, and an MBA from Wharton.

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What Happens Next?


Chief Engineer at Fortune 10 tech company
February, 2023

“This was unique, thoughtful, and exceptional. The ‘hostage rescue’ puts you in a different frame of mind. And it led us to think differently — which is the point…”

Head of Product at SaaS company
January, 2023

“Mike [ experience leader ] is authentic and did a perfect job relating the practices of Navy SEALS and how we might more effectively go about our work. I loved how this relates to our work in prod dev…”

VP Employee Experience
January, 2023

“We are hybrid workforce and this was an AMAZING way to come together. I love this and other Teamraderie experiences — always thoughtful, on-point…”

February, 2023

“…I’ve never seen a format like this…incredibly engaging for us…we could not have been more thrilled with the value of this experience…”

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.