The Experience

Could your team perform better if its members felt more comfortable advocating for themselves?

Most employees know how to handle formal negotiations at work: with customers over contracts, with bosses over budgets. But how well do they handle opportunities for informal negotiation? Are they advocating for themselves with the same confidence and comfort that they advocate for your company?

It can feel more comfortable to negotiate as an agent for your organization than it does to negotiate on your own behalf. Why? More emotions are at play when it’s about you; it’s difficult to figure out how to get the conversation started; and the risk of failure carries a higher cost. Sometimes advocating for oneself is seen as not being a “team player.” However, the best performing teams are those where members are able to advocate for themselves.

Summer Sanders joins you live. She will share research from recent studies at Dartmouth and Stanford that show why it is in your organization’s interest for you to become a better advocate for “you”. She will then share a personal story about advocacy that helps you anchor on the importance of your own experience. Finally, you will discuss tools and a framework to help you become a better advocate for your own interest.

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The Creators

Summer Sanders is four-time Olympic medal winner and an American sports commentator. She won four medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and nine NCAA championship titles during her two-year career at Stanford University. Summer hosted the NBA’s “Inside Stuff” for eight seasons and was Nickelodeon’s first ever female game show host of “Figure It Out” for 5 seasons. She has been a correspondent for Good Morning America and the Today Show. She has also covered 8 Olympic Games for both NBC and Yahoo Sports as reporter and host. Summer is the author of “Champions Are Raised, Not Born”. Summer is a member of the Teamraderie Product Advisory Council.

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Phil • November 2021

CRO of a team of 20

“…really outstanding experience…Summer is super-engaging…”

Emily • September 2021

CCO of a customer success team of 50

“…we have many young team members…this was a great development opportunity!”

Jane • October 2021

Project Manager of a team of 12

“…our team was thrilled to have a chance to meet Summer Sanders…she is so smart and so crisp…she really opened my team’s eyes to the power that they all have within them…”