The Experience

Do you and your team need a spark to bring creativity back?

You are not alone. The Wall Street Journal reports 70% of managers find their teams less creative than before.

Creativity is far more than access to shared space or tools. Multiple studies have underscored the contribution of positive mood and trust to creativity.

Schedule this experience immediately before your next brainstorming session. Your team will feel positivity, safety and trust – the core elements required to get to a place where ideas flow…again.

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$1,200 up to 10 people
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The Creators

Mary Lemmer is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the creator of IMPROVE. In her TED talk “How improv can improve your leadership and life” she shares the fundamental principles that underlie this work.

She is the creator and host of Startup Late Night, a late night comedy show featuring business leader guests, and has performed improv and comedy all over the country, including at Gilda Radner’s Laughfest, The Punch Line in San Francisco, and the Lady Laughs Comedy Festival.

Mary brings a unique, fun, engaging, and effective framework that combines improv comedy, high performance coaching, research-backed techniques, and decades of experience as an investor, entrepreneur, executive, and improv comedian.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals. Read more about the needs this experience could fill for your team.

Brainstorm and Innovate


Jeremy • February 2021

Engineering manager with team of 8

“…so easy…session was great and it juiced our creativity…”


David • February 2021

Finance leader for team of 7

“…we needed a jolt to get our creative minds back working again; super-effective…”

Jackson • January 2021

Controller for team of 11

“…Mary Lemmer is really outstanding; she has worked in jobs like ours and knew how to make this work!”