The Experience

Dr. Amanda Parkes will share how a team of engineers and fashionistas built the world’s most comfortable high-heeled shoe.

She will lead a discussion on how “Difference” within teams brings the skill sets for real innovation. But “difference” only flourishes in an inclusive space.

Your team with learn about ‘inclusion’ from three dimensions – (1) Inclusion through Exclusion, (2) Inclusion through Revelation, and (3) Inclusion through Curiosity.

This Experience will show that creating “inclusive space” requires investment and a changed mindset from everyone.

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$1,200 for up to 10 people
Artboard 1 48-hour hold available

The Creators

Dr. Amanda Parkes is a fashion technologist with focus on wearable technology, interaction design, and smart materials.

She is the Chief Innovation Officer of Future Tech Lab, a hybrid investment fund, agency and experimental lab focused on the future of sustainable and interactive fashion. She is also the Chief Innovation Officer of PANGAIA, a materials science company.

Dr. Parkes is a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab and an Adjunct Professor in the Columbia University Department of Architecture.

She received a PhD & M.S. from MIT and a B.S. & B.A. from Stanford University. She is one of Vanity Fair’s 8 Wildest Women of Silicon Valley and Alleywatch’s 10 Most Influential People in Fashion Technology.

Use Cases

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Kickoff, Execute and QBR

Run an Agile Project


Ying • February 2021

VP Engineering of a team of 12

“…by abstracting ‘inclusion’ to the high-heeled shoe project or the cotton-from-seaweed program, the pattern of how you approach this becomes really clear…”


Benjamin • January 2021

Director FP&A of a team of 8

“…this was just a GREAT facilitation. we all talked more than Amanda – though her examples are what got all of us going. Really, really outstanding!”

Tristan • February 2021

Director Sales of a team of 8

“…Amanda’s stories are self-deprecating and endearing. We have continued to talk about it for days after the experience…”