The Experience

What would happen if your team was unable to leverage ANY of its expertise — and had to rely entirely on its own creativity?

In this Teamraderie experience, your team receives a kit of 10+ different materials ranging from a toothbrush head and battery to Q-tips and googly (no, not “Googly”) eyes. An education expert from Garner Holt Productions, Inc. – the company famous for bringing engineering-enabled entertainment to theme parks around the world –  joins you live and leads you in an engaging design challenge.

You will be surprised at how much creativity exists on your team — and wonder why it is not surfaced more often. Afterwards, your team will be led through a reflection on experimentation, prototyping and ignoring “noise”.

Let go of your expertise and let your creativity shine through as you design together.


Program pricing:

$1500 for the base experience + $25 per attendee kit + $10 domestic shipping per attendee (International shipping charged at cost). 

Includes Kit Includes Kit
International-Ready International-Ready
$1,500 for up to 50 people
Artboard 1 48-hour hold available

The Creators

You will be joined by one of the three directors of Creative Learning for Garner Holt Education through Imagination. Each of the team members have background in STEM teaching and professional development and lead courses that teach coding, robotics, engineering and art.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals. Read more about the needs this experience could fill for your team.

Bond and Connect

What You Get

A unique kit including:

– Battery

– Motor

– Toothbrush Head

– Googly eyes

– and More!

Additional add-on options:

  • Cocktails
    • - Gin Wild Rose
    • - Non-Alcoholic Spice & Everything Nice
    • - Non-Alcoholic Wild Rose
    • - Tequila Spice & Everything Nice
    • - Vodka Wild Rose
    • - Whiskey Spice & Everything Nice


Dipei • November 2021

Chief Engineer at Fortune 10 tech company

“…great for engineering teams or anyone who needs to rethink how you think about ‘collaboration’…”

Leslie • October 2021

Chief People Officer at Fortune 100 company

“…very fun, really creative, and extremely well executed…”

Rebecca • September 2021

Head of People and Culture at SaaS company

“…wow, really well-done; we needed ‘new’ and this experience delivered!…”

Stephen • October 2021

Engineering Leader at Fortune 100 company

“…strongly recommend this to any cross-functional engineering org…I had no idea a design experience would be such a parable for software development…”