Food for Thought

Team Building Activity with Nourishing Foods

Soup, Bread and Spread

Virtual Team Building for Nourishment
Hearty seasonal soup, seeded bread, and delicious spread. All organic and California-grown.

$45 per person

(shipping included*)

Gluten-free, Organic, Vegan and Locally-Sourced

Soba Noodles and Vegetables

Cold soba noodles, edamame, baby Bok Choy. Served with caramel corn. All organic.

$45 per person

(shipping included*)

Organic, Vegan and Locally-Sourced

Five-Day Trail Mix Team Ritual

Introduce healthy habit of daily team break with week-long supply of nourishing snacks.

$45 per person

(shipping included*)

Organic, Vegan and Locally-Sourced

How it Works


Pick a Food for Thought activity.

Select a date, enter # of attendees, and pay
We email attendees to securely enter their shipping address

Boxes will arrive to attendees the day prior to your team Food for Thought activity.


On the day of, enjoy lunch as a team while using the digital guide to facilitate your team building activity.

Benefits of Food for Thought

Taking real lunch breaks has been linked to improved job satisfaction and productivity. Food for Thought activities allow company leaders to create the psychological safety for employees to take time for lunch — and the best way to do that is to sit down together and share a meal (with a healthy helping of ideas!). Normalizing lunch can reduce stress and burnout, encourage team-building, or foster an organizational culture that doesn’t equate overwork with productivity.


• Is this different from ‘Teamraderie’?

Yes. ‘Food for Thought’ responds to teams’ interest in informal and private shared activities with light facilitation by digital means.

• Can I do this via GVC?

Yes. All activities include a GVC sent to the emails of your teammates.

• Where are the ‘add-ons’ I have in other Teamraderie experiences?

These are coming soon — we will have them available in the coming weeks.

• Can I mix-and-match?

Yes. Place two separate orders for the same date.

• How long to cook the items?

Minimal — less than 3 minutes in the microwave. The emphasis of these team building is shared conversation — rather than simultaneous cooking.


• Do you offer live facilitation?

Yes! Our Teamraderie Experiences are all led by experts — chefs, authors, poets, choreographers. If you want a live-guided experience, select among these.

• Are you a Google-Approved Vendor?

Yes!  Teamraderie is registered on Ariba and can be paid by purchase order.

• What is the idea group size for this event?

Food for Thought can accommodate group sizes up to 25 people.  For larger groups, we recommend using breakout rooms for enhanced team building. 

• How much is shipping?

Free shipping to all Bay Area counties. *$15 for other U.S. locations. Attendees must provide shipping addresses within 48 hours of order confirmation. Please allow seven day lead-time for order delivery. International shipping is not available.  Note: shipping addresses are deleted after processing.   

This event helps bond teams by creating a shared experience.  Your team will engage in a thought provoking discussion as they simultaneously enjoy the same nourishment together.  The digital guide that accompanies this experience is thoughtfully connected to the selected nourishment.