Generating Better Ideas

Are you seeing fewer new ideas or siloed thinking?

We used academic research to find a few possible solutions for your company.

Make your team comfortable with each other (and with you).

Researchers found individuals and groups that had been ‘primed’ to feel humble and self-effacing — immediately prior to brainstorming — performed substantially better at idea generation than a peer group that had emphasized their expertise and domain knowledge.

Practice ‘connective thinking’ to get value of diverse views.

Researchers found exercises that promote teams to link together disparate knowledge led to 40% higher ‘creative output’ than traditionally structured ‘brainstorming’ exercises to promote divergent ideas. 

Foster diverse interactions to expand openness to new ideas.

Researchers found expanding group membership to include an outsider led the group to generate 30% more and better ideas, and particularly improved the creative output of the most tenured team members the most significantly. This process also keeps intra-team rivals from negating each others’ ideas.

Take advantage of virtual work’s high-construal thinking.

Research indicates people think of more creative ideas when they believe they are interacting with someone at a greater physical distance, because this activates higher-construal thought processes (big-picture focus and abstract thinking). This can be consciously-activated for greatest effect.

Recommended experiences
leveraging proven innovation concepts


Invite Stanford University’s leading professor on creativity and teamwork to guide your team through creative exercises BEFORE your next brainstorm.


Reduce tension and create a positive dynamic for ideas by a creativity-focused improv exercises immediately before you need to create ideas.


Create a humble and humorous environment by listening to rap poetry and writing your own stories for innovation.

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