Virtual Team Building Experiences

Live, online and interactive - just for your team

Organic Connection Through Organic Beer

Looking to have fun, drink beer and learn about craft brewing? This virtual team building for connec tion will send four award-winning craft beers to your teammates.

How To Pay Attention, Master Yourself and Win

Your team will start by learning the parable of poker – the perfect distillation of our perception of “luck” with its combinations of knowns and unknowns. Maria will ask your team to describe certain perceptions of its own reality.

Guided Cheese Tasting Experience with Top Chef

Elegant cheese kit with shortbreads, compotes, plates and utensils. Acclaimed Napa Valley chef leads fun and interactive tasting that rewards team for hard work. Plant-based option available. Add wine, charcuterie or dessert.

About Teamraderie

Our mission is to increase connection, commitment and trust in teams

We aspire to make every workplace one where people speak up, ask questions, debate vigorously, and commit themselves to learning and improvement. Teams are fundamental to human progress. But teams are challenged like never before. Teamraderie provides engaging online experiences that bring teams together.