Exciting Teamraderie Experiences

New and Exciting Teamraderie Experiences

  • Friday October 1, 2021
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We “catch” energy through our interactions with people – something called “relational energy”. The more you energize your coworkers, the better everyone performs.


In his Harvard Business Review article, professor Baker (University of Michigan Ross School of Business Professor) shares two tips for boosting relational energy: 


(1) Build high-quality connections and


(2) Create energizing events.


With holidays approaching and ambitious 2021 goals still outstanding, we are launching new exciting virtual experiences to help your teams feel invigorated and engaged. These experiences are also great for upcoming holidays!




Viva La France Whiskey Experience


Virtual French Whiskey Tasing


Celebrate the ‘Spirit of France’ and learn a great story of female entrepreneurship.


Allison Parc was one of France’s top ballerinas. After her retirement, she created Brennea uniquely French spirit that respects both tradition and innovation. Allison became the first woman to receive the World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year award.


Receive an elegant kit with two Brenne expressions, an “American in Paris” whiskey cocktail, and a box of French macaroons. Non-alcoholic kit is available.



Texas Margaritas and Salsa Sampling Experience


Salsa and Margarita Tasting


Transport yourself and your team to another location as you learn the story behind Cochinita & Co. Salsas.


Your team will receive two (2) artisanal Texas salsas and a bag of Texas- made Tostaditas (sorta like tortilla chips). To wash it down, try two different Texas margaritas — one made with bourbon, the other with tequila. Don’t drink alcohol? You’ll be able to choose the non-alcoholic version. You’ll also have a cocktail glass (Texas-sized) and napkin, plate, and spoons.



Varied, Vivacious, and Virtuous Vodkas – A Global Tour


Virtual Vodka Tasting


Embark on a global tour together and learn about an incredible amount of innovation and engineering in vodka.


Receive an elegant kit with four innovative drinks: a corn-based Japanese vodka, a potato-based vodka from Idaho, a Danish vodka made by a female-owned distiller and a refreshing vodka rosemary cocktail. Pair the drinks with olive oil crackers and three types of seasoned olives. Non-alcoholic kit is available.


Sip and savor your newfound knowledge of vodka.

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