Inspire and Excite

Are you seeking ‘new thinking’ and 'openness to possibility’ on your team?

We used academic research to find proven solutions.

Introduce a third-party to expand openness to new ideas.

Researchers found expanding group membership to include an outsider led the group to generate 30% more and better ideas, and improved creative output of the most tenured team members most significantly. This process also keeps intra-team rivals from negating each others’ ideas.

Whatever you do,
DON’T hire ‘speakers’.

Inspiration has proven impact on creativity and productivity. But ‘inspiration’ must be an active process. According to research, lasting inspiration requires both being inspired and stating intention to action. Only active engagement with ‘speakers’ leads to lasting inspiration.

Use select specific forms of
story-telling to inspire people.

Meetings can ‘inform’, ‘direct’, ‘entertain’ or ‘inspire’. To ‘inspire’ – and thereby motivate others to improve performance – research suggests two things. First, tell stories that relate to your team – human-scale, concrete, and relevant. Second, tell stories that show likability, warmth, reliability, and empathy.

Practice the ‘ABCD’
of workplace motivation.

Researchers found four dimensions to motivating employees. Acquire: Let them have special interactions; Bond: Facilitate their forming connection with peers; Comprehend: Help them satisfy curiosity and master the world around them; Defend: Protect against threats, promote justice.

Recommended experiences
leveraging proven concepts to inspire & excite


The world’s fastest woman leads discussion with your team on ‘winning’ – including the idea that no athlete (no matter how strong) can win on ‘physical strength’ alone; inspires your team to think multi-dimensionally.

A Wine Tasting and Ode to Curiosity in Business

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option



Non-Alcoholic Option

Non-Alcoholic Option


Startup winery shocks the world and creates 40+ years of #1 wines by practicing a ‘Culture of Curiosity’. Drink great wine and discuss what such a culture could mean at your company and how to foster it effectively.


Hollywood’s #1 choreographer and global TikTok phenom Matt Steffanina entertains your team with how your business transformation is exactly like dance. Practice a team dance move — taught by Matt — to close your meeting.

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