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Summary of Major Points

Radical Candor is commonly understood as a way to ‘deliver feedback’. It is seldom considered a way to ‘build relationships’. In your team experience, you practiced using Radical Candor principles to create more meaningful, supportive relationships with each other.



Round 1 – “Connection”

You used a simple question to get to know each other and build connection and safety.


Round 2 – “Giving and Receiving Praise”

You gave & received specific and sincere praise based on the first connection activity.


Round 3 – “Go to Question”

You solicited feedback and sought to learn one thing you could do to improve.

An Exercise For Your Next Staff Meeting

You may want to lead-off a future meeting with an ‘exercise’ or ‘game’ to extend the learnings from your experience. Here is an exercise we developed for your team:

Perp excercise

To build on your Teamraderie Radical Candor experience, ask each of the attendees to give one piece of specific and sincere praise to a teammate in the next week.

Prior to making the request, start by reminding your team to keep your praise specific and sincere. Use CORE (we know, we know, technically it should be called CORN…).


  • Context: Give the context of the feedback. Cite the specific situation.
  • Observation: Describe what was said and done (not personalized!).
  • Result: What is the outcome that is most meaningful (to you and them).
  • nExt stEps: Discuss the best way to move forward.
An Email to Share with Your Team

You may want to send an email to your team to expand on the experience with Radical Candor. Here’s a draft email that you can personalize to fit your style as a leader:

Perp excercise
Principles Behind the Experience

Teamraderie experiences are designed in collaboration with management professors at Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Here are the principles Radical Candor incorporated into your experience:

Invite Team Members to Share Personal Stories

A Rotterdam School of Management (2021) study showed asking members of the team to express unique viewpoints and perspectives (showcasing diversity – but within an inclusive environment) led to higher creative expression on teams. This Teamraderie experience helps satisfy both “uniqueness” and “belonging” needs of teams.

Candor Improves Performance by Accelerating Speed of Transfer

A Harvard Business Review (2009) article cited several studies that found teams that communicated more openly, rapidly, and vertically showed improved performance – particularly for teams that required judgment, expertise, and broad perspective to operate at peak performance. This Teamraderie experience gives team members direct practice in candid communication – and seeks to expand that across a team.

Provide Opportunity for Team to Exhibit Authentic Leadership Styles

A University of Nebraska (2006) study found employees’ perception of authentic leadership serves as the strongest predictor of job satisfaction and can have a positive impact on work-related attitudes and happiness. This Teamraderie experience invited all team members to reflect openly and exhibit authenticity.

Recommendations For Your Team to Do Next
  • Need to Prepare for RTO?

Doing RTO soon? RTO and in-person offsites can be awkward moments when team members struggle to build connection. Learn a pragmatic tool set to create immediate and meaningful connection with colleagues and acquaintances.

Games to Ignite a Thriving Hybrid Team



Hybrid and RTO
Meeting colleagues in-person for first time? Teams are often majority constituted of ‘new’ employees, hired since the pandemic. How to ensure they engage easily when together? Practice activities common to trusting relationships and thriving teams.
  • Need to Improve Connection?


'Tartine Bakery' and French Press Coffee and Tea Experience

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option



Hybrid and RTO
Do you need to bond over a shared moment? All teams love this coffee, tea, and pastry experience. Receive a beautiful French press, craft coffees, and assorted teas. Your team will be led in a fun and revealing discussion by an acclaimed barista.

Five-Flight Wine Tasting to Taste Diversity

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option

Non-Alcoholic Option

Non-Alcoholic Option

Do you want to bond while celebrating diverse-founded businesses? Teams receive beautiful kit with five acclaimed wines made by female- and diverse-founded wineries. Learn story of each wine and discuss the form of inspiration it provides.
  • Need to Inspire Your Team?

Does your team need ‘flow’? One of the world’s most dominant athletes, Paralympian Tatyana McFadden, leads your team in discussion on to set ‘goals’ that give you ‘flow’ at work – leveraging your full creativity and sense of fulfillment.

A Legendary NASCAR Coach's Secrets of Elite Teams

Includes Kit

Includes Kit



Need inspiration to work ‘differently’? Team receives a 29-piece NASCAR and is joined live by legendary pit crew boss. Do a timed trial pitstop, then learn ‘how’ to think differently about work, and repeat the timed trial. Watch your time improve!
Additional Expert Resources for the Experience

Interested in learning more about these topics?

Author: HBR IdeaCast
Highlight: “The most common mistake, the mistake that 85 percent of us make 90 percent of the time is what I call “ruinous empathy.”

Author: Julian Zlatev, Harvard Business School
Highlight: “Trust is a conviction that is built slowly, over a long period of time, through repeated interactions. How can we build trust under these circumstances?”

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