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Summary of Major Points

What can you learn from tasting coffee/tea with others?


You may want to reflect on your team’s experience and the discussion that took place. Here are a few of the ideas that may have come up during your team’s experience:


Establish Common Ground To Connect with Your Team

Teams can begin to bond through a shared experience such as a coffee or tea break together. You learned more about your team members by sharing tasting notes and establishing something that you personally enjoy.


Begin With Simple Questions to Build Trust

Creating an environment where team members feel safe opening up doesn’t have to be complicated. Begin meetings and bonding experiences with simple questions to build trust. Teams whose members trust each other perform better and find more enjoyment in their work.


People Are More Receptive Than You Think To Inquiry

When questions are relevant to a conversation people are more willing to open up and share personal insight. When we share our knowledge and experience we discover more together and become more innovative.

An Exercise For Your Next Staff Meeting

You may want to begin a future meeting with a dedicated team “coffee break” to reflect on and extend the learnings from your experience. Here are some guidelines and discussion ideas we developed for your team:

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Planning Steps 

  • Set aside 10-30 minutes at the start of the meeting or as its own event

  • Stress to your team that this time is not a “meeting” but a dedicated space to have a break together.

  • Encourage coffee and tea consumption (perhaps additional samplings from your Teamraderie kits)

  • Have a clear plan to involve all team members present for the meeting.


Ideas For Discussion and Reflection

  • Begin Simply. Reflect Through Personal Anecdote. Ask team members about their favorite beverage from your Teamraderie kits. Or recall the process used for tasting coffee. What was surprising about the tasting process? Do you feel prepared to test your skills with a new coffee or tea?

  • Discuss Learning Origin Stories. We learned about our coffee’s journey from farm to your doorstep. How did this knowledge – learning the origin story of your coffee or tea – influence your overall sampling experience?

  • Reflect On Tasting Objectively. What was it like to taste “objectively”? Were there challenges?

  • Discuss Applying a Beginner’s Mind. The tasting experience in many ways requires a “beginner’s mind” or a willingness to discover new and different flavors. What can we gain from applying “objective tasting” or a “beginner’s mind” to aspects of our work?

  • Reflect On The Vibe. Did coffee/tea change the group vibe compared to meetings without a similar element?

  • Discuss Ways to Create A Safe, Enriching Meeting Space. “Coffee moments” like the experience we shared this week help to build trust, understanding, and psychological safety for our team. What are some actions we can take as individuals to ensure all team members feel comfortable expressing new ideas and opinions in both formal and informal settings?

An Email to Share with Your Team

You may want to send an email to your team to expand on the experience. Here’s a draft email that you can personalize to fit your style as a leader:

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Principles Behind the Experience

Teamraderie experiences are designed in collaboration with management professors at Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Here are the principles incorporated into your experience:

Increase Collaboration and Trust through Shared Food

A University of Chicago (2016) study found people who consumed the same food or beverage would subsequently collaborate better and reach agreements faster. This Teamraderie experience gives your team the opportunity to consume the same (or similar) drink at the same time.

The Importance of Asking Simple Questions

A Harvard Business School (2018) study quantified the effect of asking simple questions to promote the exchange of ideas, fuel innovation, and build rapport and trust. This Teamraderie experience emphasizes posing simple questions to uncover the origins of ‘flavor’ in the coffee.

Shared and Simultaneous Learning

An Ohio State University (2017) study found those who learn something at the same time report feeling more connected to the people whom they learned with and rate those people as more trustworthy. This Teamraderie experience seeks to create a shared epiphany around the origins of coffee and tea flavor.

Recommendations For Your Team to Do Next
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  • Need to Improve Connection?


'Tartine Bakery' and French Press Coffee and Tea Experience

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option



Hybrid and RTO
Do you need to bond over a shared moment? All teams love this coffee, tea, and pastry experience. Receive a beautiful French press, craft coffees, and assorted teas. Your team will be led in a fun and revealing discussion by an acclaimed barista.

Five-Flight Wine Tasting to Taste Diversity

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option

Non-Alcoholic Option

Non-Alcoholic Option

Do you want to bond while celebrating diverse-founded businesses? Teams receive beautiful kit with five acclaimed wines made by female- and diverse-founded wineries. Learn story of each wine and discuss the form of inspiration it provides.
  • Need to Inspire Your Team?

Does your team need ‘flow’? One of the world’s most dominant athletes, Paralympian Tatyana McFadden, leads your team in discussion on to set ‘goals’ that give you ‘flow’ at work – leveraging your full creativity and sense of fulfillment.

A Legendary NASCAR Coach's Secrets of Elite Teams

Includes Kit

Includes Kit



Need inspiration to work ‘differently’? Team receives a 29-piece NASCAR and is joined live by legendary pit crew boss. Do a timed trial pitstop, then learn ‘how’ to think differently about work, and repeat the timed trial. Watch your time improve!
Additional Expert Resources for the Experience

Interested in learning more about these topics?


Teamraderie recommends the documents and publications below for additional perspective:

Author:  Mark Pendergrast 

Highlight: “As coffee was adopted from Abyssinia to Egypt to the salons of Europe, there was a transition in the nature of ideas that unleashed human progress at every wave.”

Author: Alice Walton, Chicago Booth School of Business

Highlight: “When exposed to deep vs. shallow conversations, participants felt happier and more connected, regardless of whether they generated the topics themselves or discussed assigned topics.”

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