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Summary of Major Points

What can you learn from tasting coffee/tea with others?



Coffee/Tea Was Just the Beginning…

You discussed the history of coffee and tea – and particularly the role of the two beverages in supplanting beer as the default drink of the day. The transition from ‘alcoholic-stupor’ to ‘caffeine-based high’ ushered in human progress. Your colleagues shared their stories of similar ‘transitions’ they’ve made to unleash their potential. It’s always a good time to hear how others are innovating on the human condition.


Your Team Has Lots of Intriguing Ideas

For some, the discussion around ‘transitions’ (that you’ve personally made which are similar to coffee/tea adoption) leads to others sharing similar methods to improve their alertness, awakeness, or state of being. It’s a good reminder that our colleagues are replete with useful information – we just sometimes need to ask them the right questions to draw it out.


“Innovation” as a Perceptible Attribute

In tasting the baked items, you learned ‘how’ Tartine reconceptualized its supply chain and altered its economic sourcing model. This led to a differentiated input (grains, grounds) and a differentiated output (detectable flavor richness). You then had an opportunity to discuss how you could change one thing in your process that could lead those downstream of you to ‘taste’ innovation in a similar way.

An Exercise For Your Next Staff Meeting

You may want to lead-off a future meeting with an ‘exercise’ or ‘game’ to extend the learnings from your experience. Here is an exercise we developed for your team:

Perp excercise

In the Teamraderie experience, we discussed the adoption of ‘coffee and tea’ being a pre-condition to some significant innovations (mathematics, Renaissance, etc.).

We spent less time discussing ‘coffee culture’. As traditionally defined, ‘coffee culture’ is the set of traditions and social behaviors that surround the consumption of coffee. Coffeehouses in Western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th centuries were not only social hubs but also artistic and intellectual centers.

In more modern times, coffeehouses in Asia, Australia, Africa, and elsewhere have developed unique cultures of their own – and reflect a melding of ‘local culture’ and ‘coffee/tea’s emphasis on social interaction and idea exchange.’

Most of your team members have spent time in other parts of the the world

What are your favorite elements of ‘coffee culture’ that you’ve seen in other parts of the world? What is a way we could replicate some dimension of that in our own work?

An Email to Share with Your Team

Teamraderie has been asked by some managers for a ‘post-experience summary email’ that they can share with the team members after the 45-minute Teamraderie experience. We drafted a memo for you to customize:

Perp excercise
Principles Behind the Experience

Teamraderie experiences are designed in collaboration with management professors at Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Here are the principles incorporated into your experience:

Creation of ‘Safe Space’ for Meaningful Conversation

A University of Chicago (2021) study found employees experience deeper job satisfaction and rate their workplace higher when they are prompted to have more meaningful conversations with colleagues. This Teamraderie experience creates a ‘safe space’ for deeper conversation with the ‘history of coffee’ story and a contextual way to prompt more meaningful interactions.

Team Development of Shared Empathy

A Harvard Medical School (2017) study showed ‘shared empathy’ – a leading indicator of effective teams – is constructively developed when members are exposed to  deeper elements of each others’ lives, particularly factors of ‘motivation’. This Teamraderie experience cultivates ‘shared empathy’ by creating space for sharing of relatable elements from personal lives comparable to ‘shift from ale-to-coffee/tea’.

Team Discussion of How to ‘Action’ a Shared Value

A MIT-Sloan (2020) study found that teams who openly discuss ‘how’ members can take actions that align with a stated cultural value (e.g., “innovation”) demonstrate 25% higher performance of that value, as measured by financial metrics. This Teamraderie experience creates space for an explicit discussion of “innovation” by using Tartine’s reconception of ‘supply chain’ as an example.

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'Tartine Bakery' and French Press Coffee and Tea Experience

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option



Hybrid and RTO
Do you need to bond over a shared moment? All teams love this coffee, tea, and pastry experience. Receive a beautiful French press, craft coffees, and assorted teas. Your team will be led in a fun and revealing discussion by an acclaimed barista.

Five-Flight Wine Tasting to Taste Diversity

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option

Non-Alcoholic Option

Non-Alcoholic Option

Do you want to bond while celebrating diverse-founded businesses? Teams receive beautiful kit with five acclaimed wines made by female- and diverse-founded wineries. Learn story of each wine and discuss the form of inspiration it provides.
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Does your team need ‘flow’? One of the world’s most dominant athletes, Paralympian Tatyana McFadden, leads your team in discussion on to set ‘goals’ that give you ‘flow’ at work – leveraging your full creativity and sense of fulfillment.

A Legendary NASCAR Coach's Secrets of Elite Teams

Includes Kit

Includes Kit



Need inspiration to work ‘differently’? Team receives a 29-piece NASCAR and is joined live by legendary pit crew boss. Do a timed trial pitstop, then learn ‘how’ to think differently about work, and repeat the timed trial. Watch your time improve!
Additional Expert Resources for the Experience

Interested in learning more about these topics?


Teamraderie recommends the documents and publications below for additional perspective:

Author:  Mark Pendergrast 

Highlight: “As coffee was adopted from Abyssinia to Egypt to the salons of Europe, there was a transition in the nature of ideas that unleashed human progress at every wave.”

Author: Alice Walton, Chicago Booth School of Business

Highlight: “When exposed to deep vs. shallow conversations, participants felt happier and more connected, regardless of whether they generated the topics themselves or discussed assigned topics.”

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