Snack Boxes for Remote
Employees and Team Building

If you’re looking for a yummy and engaging snack time event for your team, discover Teamraderie’s Snack Break experience that is sure to be enjoyable while your team builds even better connections.

The typical in-person office work culture that has been around for so many years is quickly shifting into a new workplace model of employees working remotely or with a hybrid schedule. This has led employers and team leaders to look for new ways to reach out to remote workers and connect as a team. One of the best ways to connect with and inspire your team is to enjoy snacks together in an engaging and impactful way.

We all know breaks are important and snacks are delicious. So what could be better than having both at the same time as a team?

Research conducted by the University of Chicago found that strangers who eat the same food increases trust and cooperation. In the study, one group of paired strangers ate the same food at the same time; then engaged in a role-play game that measured trust. A second group of paired strangers ate different foods at the same time; then did the same role play. It was found that the group of strangers who ate the same food at the same time registered 30% higher levels of trust than those who did not.


As a part of the same study, strangers were again arranged into pairs. Some pairs ate the same foods at the same time, while the other pairs ate different foods at the same time. This time, the pairs were asked to negotiate to resolve a dispute. Strangers who ate the same food at the same time reached a resolution 2 times faster than those who did not.

Choose a Snack Break Experience

The Snack Break Experience to Refresh Your Team

With Teamraderie’s Snack Break experience, everyone on your team will receive a fun and exciting kit containing 3 unique snacks and 1 beverage from around the United States. Enjoy these featured snacks and beverage: TruWomen Nutrition Bar, Pocket Latte, Cornucopia Popcorn, and Lemoncocco Fresca. Led by an acclaimed host, you and your team will learn the inspiring stories behind each snack to spark a discussion around the importance of taking breaks in order to refresh your mind throughout the day.

A Snack Journey Around the World With Your Team

In this unique experience, your team will learn about snacks from around the world as well as the differences, and the similarities of how different cultures snack. Each team member will receive a kit that includes 3 snacks and a beverage originating from South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Featured snacks and beverage include: Wooden Table Baking Co. Argentinian Alfajores Pastries, Teranga West African Energy Bar, Maui Fruit Jewels French Jellies, and Copper Cow Vietnamese Coffee Pour Over. Your team will embark on a journey through each country through snacks while team members get a chance to share more about their culture and specific foods that have a special memory for them.

How Teamraderie Works

No matter what the occasion is, our snack boxes for remote employees and team building experiences are designed to include every member of your team. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to stress about coordinating. Instead, sit back and relax as each member gets a kit with the needed activity items so that everyone on your team can do the activity together. Show how much you care for and appreciate your team with exciting and original, research-backed events. Browse our other team building options here to get started!