Our mission is to increase connection, commitment and trust in teams

Teams are fundamental to human progress

In the knowledge economy, “teams” are the principle means by which work gets done and organizational value is created.

But teams are challenged like never before

Since work-from-home and hybrid work began in March 2020, individuals became more productive, but the outputs of a team -- creative ideas, integrated views, rigorous problem solving -- are waning due to the absence of connection and reduced exposure to new ideas.

Teamraderie provides engaging online experiences that bring teams together

We recruited a set of acclaimed professionals (authors, poets, doctors, artisans, athletes, improv comedians) who lead live, interactive 45-minute Experiences with teams. Your team participates actively and engages authentically with each other.

Enterprise-quality experiences -- secure, compliant and praised by modern teams

Bain & Company
ThermoFisher Scientific

We removed all the complexity


Give your team a gift

Experiences can include a beautifully designed kit delivered to your employees -- bottles of wine, assortments of cheeses, a family of Japanese daruma dolls -- that expand engagement.

See the results for your team

We developed a groundbreaking and modern way to understand commitment, connection and trust in a team. Our reports will prove that your team loved the experience and feels more cohesive, connected and inspired.

Connection that lasts

Experiences become reference points -- with shared laughter, learning and lessons. Subsequent to our Experiences, teams communicate more easily and authentically with each other.

Leadership that cares about teams

Michael McCarroll


Michael has led teams at small and large companies. His experiences include leading teams as President and CRO and creating cohesive teams with customers and suppliers.


Steve Udelson


Steve has led teams at startup and public companies. His experiences include leading teams as the CEO of three companies including a cross-functional team of over 500 employees across the US, Europe and Asia.


Irina Egorova


Irina has led teams at startup and large companies in the US and Europe. Her experiences include leading teams with diverse backgrounds and expertise ranging from solution engineering to management consulting to sales.


We have the ideas and support of top-tier advisors

Frances Frei


Frances is the UPS Foundation Professor of Services Management and Senior Associate Dean of the Harvard Business School, and formerly was SVP of Leadership at Uber. She has studied how teams form trust with each other and believe that “trust” in team scan unlock unprecedented human progress


Robert Sutton


Bob is a professor of management science at Stanford University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has written five NY Times best-selling books, including The No Asshole Rule, Scaling-Up Excellence and Good Boss, Bad Boss. He has studied the dynamics teams and leaders must establish to achieve high-performance.


Keith Rabois


Keith is a Managing Director at Founders Fund and has been an early-stage investor and executive at PayPal, LinkedIn, Slide and Square. Keith believes that teams are the source of advantage for every great company and that preserving and advancing their connection is the utmost priority of CEOs.


An unprecedented time for the importance of teams

In 2020, the world faces unprecedented challenges. Health pandemic. Civil unrest. Climate change. Each of these challenges requires people with diverse expertise to work together and find new ways forward. In 2021, companies will face new opportunities and risks. Customer expectations have changed. Old assumptions have become irrelevant. New markets are created. Companies will thrive or fail to the extent their people can share inspiration, can discover new ways of thinking and work together to overcome obstacles.Teams have never been more important or more essential to human progress.