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Success Stories

Companies around the world have successfully grown team connection, improved employee engagement scores, and elevated customer relationships with Teamraderie experiences.

Team Connection

90% of team members agree the Teamraderie experience strengthened connection to their team

Employee Engagement

Teams that participated in Teamraderie experiences saw a 22% increase in employee engagement

Customer Relationships

78% of customers feel more connected to their account manager after participating in a shared experience

Teamraderie helps 200+ teams improve team connection

$4B Revenus SaaS Company

Over 200 teams participated in Teamraderie experiences over three months. After their experiences, each team received a survey to understand the impact the experience had on connection.

90% agree the experience strengthened their team connection

95% would like to participate in more experiences in the future

92% agree the experience was meaningful and memorable

This was great; any tools/programs we can roll out to minimize the lift to plan offsite are a blessing for managers since many of us are spread thin.

Account managers improved customer connections 78%

Leading Global HR Tech Company

Account managers used Teamraderie experiences to make great first impressions, expand connections within the account, and improve relationships to turn red accounts yellow.

78% of customers feel more connected to their account manager

65% of customers see more value in a relationship with company

41% of attendees were new contacts

[Client A] is new to my book of business [and I had not] met the clients…It definitely helped me meet the CFO and some senior leadership we haven’t met before.

Two companies improved employee engagement scores

Fortune 50 Tech Company

Two companies participated in A|B testing the effectiveness of Teamraderie experiences on their employee engagement scores. Teams were measured at the same time, with one cohort participating in Teamraderie experiences. Both cohorts that did not participate saw minimal or no difference in EX scores. Teams that participated in Teamraderie experiences saw employee engagement scores increase by 22-30%.

100% of participants agree that Teamraderie experiences are a valuable use of their time.

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