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Why Teamraderie

More than just a virtual experience, Teamraderie is a complete approach to achieving and sustaining strong team morale at a global scale.

Your team will love working together.

Teams have the capacity and potential that need to be unlocked. Teamraderie experiences are intentionally curated, backed by research, and shown to improve team communication and engagement.
We go beyond simply deepening connection, helping to facilitate onboarding, showing appreciation, enhancing trust, nurturing creativity, and building unity within teams. We tap into the goals of your team to reinforce the purpose behind your work.
Teamraderie experiences aren’t one-off events. We are long-term partners in elevating teams and constantly evolve to solve our customers’ unique challenges. We provide teams with guided experience series and post-experience assets for learning. Subscriptions are available for consistency, and we offer Slack integrations for follow-through.
Science gives us the tools to map experiences to our customers’ needs. All experiences are designed using physiology and organizational science. The energizing Teamraderie format is backed by research to ensure attentive hosts and engaged teams.
Our experiences are built for scale, addressing the complex needs and processes of teams all over the world. With hosts on five continents, 24-hour availability for experiences (delivered in five languages), robust support, and flawless global distribution, we customize workflows and accommodate requests to meet the needs and scale of enterprise-level organizations anywhere.

Unite Your Team and Inspire Business Evolution

Teamraderie Offers Scalability & Flexibility

No matter how large or small your organization is, Teamraderie has experiences and programs to fit your needs. Scale your employee engagement program across your entire organization with our Enterprise programs specifically designed for large global teams. From custom-tailored strategic programs to Slack integration and dedicated portals, find (or build!) your perfect program.

Get Started

Connecting and developing teams through shared experiences unlocks their potential to do great work. Get started by browsing our experience catalog or learning more about our process.