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About Us

We believe teams have capacity and potential that need to be unlocked – and we’re here to help you do it.

Our goal is to unleash the strength of the modern team.

Whether your team is fully remote or in-office, located in one city or across the globe, Teamraderie experiences unite your team, increase connection, and improve productivity. We are your long-term partner in building and maintaining successful team relationships. 

Teamraderie Helps Teams Thrive

Teamraderie allows leaders to tap into every team’s goals, reinforcing the purpose behind their work. Our experiences go beyond connection to enhance trust, nurture creativity, and build unity – regardless of team location.

Empowering Modern leadership

Teamraderie supports leaders who are as strategic about people as they are about results. We partner with, and provide solutions for, managers who are looking to create and sustain better, healthier team environments, helping employees and leaders grow in their work to become more aware, effective, and impactful – ensuring long-term well-being for teams.

United Teams Around the globe

Our experiences unite people in meaningful, authentic ways, bolstering morale and empowering teams to work better together. Experiences nurture camaraderie through learning and collaboration, fostering a deeper sense of purpose in work and a commitment to shared goals.

Strengthened Performance + Productivity

People are the most important assets of all organizations. When teams come together through shared experiences, they increase their collective performance, confidence, and satisfaction in their work – and unlock untapped potential.

Captivating & Impactful Experiences

Teamraderie experiences are unique, flexible environments for learning and engagement. We regularly add new experiences, each purpose-built for connection and intentionally curated to be fun, meaningful, and address contemporary challenges. We offer variety to managers, so they can find the best experience for their team at every stage.

Designed in Collaboration with World-Renowned Thought Leaders

Amy Edmondson

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Grow Psychological Safety

Frances Frei

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Deepen Team Trust

Nick Bloom

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Adopting Gen AI

Bob Sutton

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: NASCAR Pit Stop

Josh Bersin

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Outcomes Over Hours

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