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Administrative Professionals Day

Companies could not run without them!

Administrative Professionals' Day (April 27, 2022) is about honoring
Administrative and Operations professionals who keep businesses
running smoothly and teams thriving.

We want to recognize them!

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  • Public Recognition
    Teamraderie will spotlight nominees and their stories within our global community of admins & managers.
  • Special Gift
    25 select nominees (five winners in each category) will receive a special free Teamraderie kit.
  • Coverage in a Special Report
    Select nominees, their ideas and tips will be featured in our annual Admin Insights & Best Practices report.
Administrative Professionals Day - kit

We accept nominations in five categories

  • The Ultimate
    Team Player

  • The Workplace

  • The Mountain

  • The Engagement

  • The Hidden Gem

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Teamraderie will spotlight nominees and their stories during the month of April 2022. We will tag you and the nominee.

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Learn more about Teamraderie kits

Teamraderie kits are designed to create team connection during Teamraderie experiences. Check out Teamraderie Unboxing Series
to learn more about our experience kits (We will send a special one to the winners).
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Broadly About Beer
Great Wine and Great Cheese
for Great Teams Experience
Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow -
An Olive Oil Tasting Experience