The Experience

Why are breaks important for team productivity? What could your team gain by taking a break to brew and learn about coffee & tea?

Research proves your brain needs breaks. In this Teamraderie experience, coffee and tea act as a tool to pause as a team, allowing the mind to reset and your team to reconnect.

Your teammates will receive elegant coffee and tea kits. One of the world’s top baristas will join you to lead coffee/tea brewing and tasting. Your team will discuss regional flavors and understand the journey from farm to cup.

Rekindle a cherished office tradition…without the line at the coffee/tea machine. Make the day brighter and more productive for your team.

Includes Kit Includes Kit
International-Ready International-Ready
$45 per person
Artboard 1 48-hour hold available

The Creators

Matt LaRusso

Matt has 15+ years experience in the beverage industry. He hosts and cohosts two successful podcasts, one of which recently had a write up in the acclaimed American Whiskey Magazine. He has studied and tasted coffees from all over the world and shares a passion for tea and coffee education.

Brodie Vissers

Brodie Vissers is a Canadian content creator, coffee consultant, and entrepreneur. Brodie has traveled the world tasting and making coffee. He spent a stint of time in China, where he studied both coffee and tea. Brodie’s mission is to empower coffee professionals across the supply network, inspire deeper connections with what we consume on a daily basis, and believes that coffee can be an incredible force for good through authentic storytelling and effective business strategies.

Jeremy DiAsio

Jeremy DiAsio is a 20+ year hospitality professional with a career ranging from chef to barista, server to restaurant manager. Jeremy’s passion lies in bringing people together through the world of food and beverage. Originally owning a spice company, Jeremy made the easy transition to coffee and tea and has developed a unique understanding through spice.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals. Read more about the needs this experience could fill for your team.

Bond and Connect

What You Get

After you order, each invited attendee can select either:

A coffee kit for this experience that includes:

– Two (2) Dripkits of fresh coffees – showcasing how region and roasting impact flavors

– Two (2) tasting cups

– Two (2) stroopwafel to enjoy with the coffee

– Sugar, Stevia and stir sticks

– Napkins


or a tea kit for this experience that includes:

– Two (2) sachets of tea — including herbal

– Two (2) tasting cups

– Two (2) stroopwafel to enjoy with the tea

– Sugar, Stevia and stir sticks

– Napkins


Francis • November 2021

CHRO at $200M SaaS company

“…perfect break for the team, it allowed us to reset during a busy day!…”


Melinda • October 2021

President of fast-growing start up

“…short and sweet, was a valuable experience for my team…”

Richard • September 2021

Executive at leading pharmaceutical company

“…with all of our hectic schedules, it was great to dedicate some time to caffeinate and connect…”