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How can you bring the cherished tradition of gift exchange to your team this holiday season?

Giving gifts allows teams to celebrate one another, honor the past year’s accomplishments, and strengthen bonds between team members.

In this Teamraderie holiday experience, your team will participate in three activities. You will start by learning a little bit more about one another. Then, you will discover a deeper understanding of your team dynamic and what you’ve accomplished as a team this year. Finally, you will participate in a surprise virtual gifting activity where team members assign characteristics to one another.

After the experience, each team member will receive a book and holiday treats related to the unique characteristics they were gifted.

Come together for a virtual holiday experience, take part in the cherished tradition of gift giving, and celebrate the holidays as a team.

Program pricing:

$300 for the experience for up to 20 people, $50 per attendee kit + $15 domestic (U.S.) shipping per attendee (additional fees for International shipping).


We’ve made a thoughtful gift giving experience INCREDIBLY simple: 

1 – Prior to the experience

Team members receive email asking two things – (1) share three attributes that characterize the team, and (2) share a delivery address for their “gift”.

2 – During the experience

Assignment of “givers” and “recipients” – You’ll join Zoom/GVC/WebEx/Teams and also a Mural board. After your team joins, the host uses a geography- and emoji-centric game to map each team member to another in a daisy chain. Person A is the “giver” to Person B who is in turn the “giver” to Person C and in turn the “giver” to Person D.


Reveal of word cloud – The attributes collected pre-experience are revealed and you see a collective view of how your team describes its strengths.


Pick an attribute – The team is shown a list of 18 attributes. They are things like “persistence” or “candor”. Each “giver” is asked to pick an attribute for their “receiver”. This is done on the Mural board, too.


Share how you perceive another’s strength – Your host shares a way to give structured description of another’s strength. “I picked [ Attribute X ] for [ Person B ]. They make our team stronger. An example of where [ Person B ] demonstrated [ Attribute X ] and made us stronger is …”

3 – After the experience

Teamraderie sends gift! – We send each team member a book and bookmark that reference the attributes colleagues selected for them. We include a holiday treat in the package to enjoy while sharing the book at home!

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Jeremy DiAsio

    Jeremy DiAsio has a passion for bringing people together. Having a multi-decade history in the hospitality industry ranging from chef to barista to server to sommelier to assistant general manager. After culinary school, Jeremy owned a spice company before moving to Washington, DC and taking the restaurant industry by storm. Jeremy has spent the last year helping 1000’s of teams grow, bond and connect through shared experiences with Teamraderie.

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$300 fee + $50 per person + shipping
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December, 2022

“…a unique way to experience the tradition of holiday gifting from our remote offices…”

People Manager
November, 2022

“…I was looking for a way to spread holiday cheer to our team…this was the perfect experience for that…”

Sales Manager
November, 2022

“…what fun! I had a great time and left with a greater connection to my team and out accomplishments this last year…”

Product Lead
December, 2022

“…I appreciated the spin on gifting…taking time to celebrate my team member’s individual strengths was the best way to celebrate the end of year…”

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.