The Experience

Would your team get a lift from joining together to celebrate the ‘Spirit of France’?

France is the birthplace of enlightenment thinking, religious tolerance, and human rights. France gave us liberalism, egalitarianism…and now, one of the greatest stories of female entrepreneurship.

Your team will receive an elegant kit with two Brenne (top French whisky) expressions, an “American in Paris” whisky cocktail, and a box of French macaroons. You will learn to taste whisky — and learn the story of former American ballet sensation Allison Parc.

Allison was one of America’s top ballerinas. After her retirement, she indulged in food and drink previously restricted by her ballet lifestyle. She became intrigued by France’s famous cognac casks — particularly by the history and excellence they represented. Allison sought to create a uniquely French spirit that would both respect tradition and add a little innovation into the distilling method. A few years later, Brenne was born — a new whisky that reflected the region in which it was crafted.

Allison distributed the first bottles of Brenne via Citi Bike, cycling around Manhattan in 2012 to place the product on the shelves of the city’s top establishments and retailers. Five years later, Allison was named World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year by Whisky Magazine — becoming the first woman to receive the award and the only three-time recipient of this honor. 

Your team will be delighted by this kit and this story of finding beauty in tradition and elegance in honoring the legacy of France.

Includes Kit Includes Kit
International-Ready International-Ready
Non-Alcoholic Option Non-Alcoholic Option
$95 per person
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The Creators

Sailor Guevara is a veteran of the spirits and hospitality industry, whiskey educator, and published mixologist.Sailor is the 2020 winner of the World of Whiskey Icon award – bestowed on the individual who most capably advances understanding and appreciation for the craft of whiskey making. She is an author and contributor to American Whiskey Magazine and an acclaimed podcast host.

Use Cases

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Bond and Connect

What You Get

Whisky and Macaroon Tasting Kit that includes:

– Two (2) Brenne whisky expressions (tastes)

– One (1) Perfectly Cordial fully-composed cocktail

– One (1) tasting kit (mineral water, sampling cups, and pipette)

– One (1) box of four (4) French macaroons

– One (1) cocktail glass

– Napkin


Non-alcoholic tasting kit is also available.

Additional add-on options:

  • Snack
    • - Plymouth Cheese and Crackers


Helene • November 2021

Administrative Business Partner at Global Company

“…wonderful experience for the holidays; we loved the guidance, the stories — and the macarons!”


Julia • November 2021

VP Marketing with 10 person team

“…Viva La France! We celebrate the story of Allison Parc!”

Sandra • November 2021

Executive Business Partner at Global Company

“…team loved generous kits – whisky, cocktail, and macarons! And incredibly fun experience leadership!”