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Research-backed assistant helping you lead a high-performing team.

Are you a team manager who wants to lead your team to success,
but sometimes faces challenges that are hard to overcome?

Every Team Management Question Answered

Actionable insights and practical advice to help you:

✔ Improve your team alignment, trust, motivation, and performance.

✔ Enhance your team's communication, collaboration, and creativity.

✔ Boost your team morale, engagement, and satisfaction.

✔ Develop your team leadership, management, and problem-solving skills.

Powered by academic research and our work to evolve 1000s of teams:

✔ Recommendations for managers and Teamraderie experiences are based on reputable research on how to build high-performing teams.

✔ An advanced Generative AI solution that lets you ask any question about managing your team.

Your secret weapon for team success – easy to use and discreet

✔ A trusted advisor who can help you solve any team issue, without exposing your vulnerabilities or compromising your authority.

✔ TeamraderieGPT respects your privacy and does not share your data or conversations with anyone.

Example questions TeamraderieGPT can help you with:

Don’t let team challenges hold you back !

The AI-powered assistant for team managers that you can trust.