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Better relationships & faster-converting pipeline

Every AE & AM knows they multiple stakeholders to win competitive deals and gain CFO approval.

But nearly every pipeline deal or customer relationship
has too little support.

You and your customer share unique Teamraderie experiences together

Engage more stakeholders,
get better exec buy-in

Revenue teams are engaging more people – and more senior people.

This is boosting win rates by up to 20% and ensuring deals close on time.


Win new logos, expand existing accounts,
introduce new account teams, and renew contracts

Use Teamraderie on every sales challenge

Differentiate vs. competitor

Your rep knows one stakeholder. Your competitor’s rep has a relationship with another. How do you get more of the buying committee behind your solution?

Invite the entire buying committee to a Teamraderie experience. Pick a Teamraderie experience aligned to your brand and your differentiation. Peer reps report a 90% acceptance rate on invitations and 50%+ more stakeholders engaged on their solution.

Build trust on implementation

As the account moves from “sales team” to “customer team”, there are new stakeholders on their side and new people on your side. How do ensure a positive transition where everyone gets to know each other and build trust?

Invite all stakeholders to a Teamraderie experience. Pick an experience that emphasizes goal setting, flexibility, and planning. Peers report smoother account transitions and more positive customer relationships.

Set up your renewal for success

Your customer is uncertain about renewing and may be considering alternatives. How do you get your customer to listen to your roadmap and become excited about the future with you?

Invite the entire set of users to a Teamraderie experience. Peer reps report their customers are more receptive to learning about future developments and more inclined to renew their contracts.

Show appreciation

You manage a high-value or strategic account – but all you normally do is send them wine at year-end. How do demonstrate appreciation in a way that’s differentiated and unique?

Invite the customer to join you in celebrating the relationship by making ice cream together. Account teams say customers value a “short, joyous, unexpected moment in their day”.

Teamraderie is Simple to Use

1. Pick an experience
and reserve a date/time

Choose from the experience finder or ask for recommendations on chat

2. Invite key stakeholders
to join

Share custom invitation link

3. Watch everyone RSVP
to your hosted experience

Track who is coming via your dashboard

5. Capitalize on your newly
engaged stakeholders

You will have more responsive and receptive customers

4. Join and engage
at a new level

Everyone joins on Zoom and shares a moment together

Customers will rate you as a more engaging and effective partner.

A leading SaaS company used Teamraderie with 100+ customers over three (3) months – then surveyed to determine how customer attitudes had changed as a result of using Teamraderie.

Watch as your customers post their experiences with you on social media

Many of your customers will be so thrilled that they’ll post their experience photos on LinkedIn.

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