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Practice Difficult Conversations

Communication challenges are among the most intractable issues that impact productivity. Stalled conversations can also kill morale.

Why is communcation vital for team success?

Rather than engaging in potentially difficult or uncomfortable conversations, many of us try to avoid them altogether. But there may be a more effective approach: using conversational receptiveness in our language. This means parties who disagree should communicate their willingness to engage with each other’s views. It involves using language that signals a person is truly interested in another’s perspective. 

How can you move faster with more direct and effective communication?

First, members must feel seen and valued by peers. Second, embrace your disagreements – and learn to approach them differently. Third, become adept at asking questions that lead to understanding. Fourth, learn to give and receive feedback that helps everyone grow.
Does your ideal team look like this?
  • Team members improve communication despite being distributed
  • Team members build trust through effective communication
  • Productivity is not hindered by miscommunication
In this journey, you will learn how to:
  • Challenge others’ views in ways that are productive
  • Ask better questions to learn perspective
  • Give better feedback
  • Express appreciation

Start Your Team Journey

1. Assessment

Before your team’s first experience, you will all take a short survey to gauge where your team is at.

2. Experiences

Your team will participate in four curated experiences in a sequence developed in collaboration with Francesca Gino designed to improve your team’s communication.

Curated Experiences for Your Communication Journey
Connect & Share APpreciation
What can you gain from a card game with cute animal cards? Learn what qualities your team values in you the most in this positive and unifying card game.
Learn How to Disagree Better
Many people try to shy away from disagreements, this just leads to unresolved issues. How can your team learn to embrace each other’s differences and use their disagreements for good? This Teamraderie experience will teach your team to turn avoidance to “I HEAR You!”.
Learn to Ask Better Questions
Why? How? What? When? Unleash your team’s curiosity and learn how to not only ask the best questions but also how to stop taking those conversation missteps that we regularly make.
Learn to Give & Receive Feedback
How do you get your team to bring their fullest selves to work every day? By creating more meaningful and supportive relationships with their colleagues using Radical Candor. Learn from trained Radical Candor coaches as they take your team through activities and group discussions.

3. Practices

After each experience, you’ll receive weekly tips, exercises, and activities to put into practice with your team to continue building upon what you learned together.

You'll receive actionable tips to use...

  • At your next 1:1
  • At your next standup
  • At your next team meeting
  • At your next review

4. Measurements

At the conclusion of your last experience, your team will re-take the original assessment to measure your progress as it relates to improved team communication.

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We’re trying to move faster, to get better at saying what needs to be said – whether it’s comfortable or not. The Journey is an amazing return on investment and on peoples’ time.

— VP Finance, tech company

Journeys Effectively Improve Team Dynamics

Journeys are co-created with thought leaders from the world’s top universities. The content is all evidence-based and rigorously-aligned to the academic research. Teams learn in cohorts – and practice newly acquired skills with each other. After each experience, managers receive practical, research-backed tips that help managers to practice and extend what’s been learned.

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