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Inspire team connection beyond the screen.

Location is not a barrier to team connection with Teamraderie. Whether your team is remote, globally distributed, or hybrid, bring your team together with a team-building experience to connect and collaborate with your team.

Gather Your Team, Wherever You're Located


Collaborate in a timed pit stop with a legendary NASCAR coach


Daily desk-friendly workouts that energize body & mind with top trainer


Make AI work for your team with an award-winning researcher


Improve teamwork with a Navy SEAL-inspired rescue mission

Turn Virtual Collaboration into Tangible Connections

Break the barriers of distance by engaging your team in hands-on activities like building LEGOs, creating a painting, shaking up a cocktail, or decorating cookies. Elevate your remote or hybrid team's dynamics through memorable Teamraderie experiences that build lasting bonds.

Select a collective intention and paint meaningful artwork
Build communication with a LEGO brick building challenge

Find the Perfect Team Experience

What Customers Are Saying

“I love your company and how the events are structured and facilitated. I have participated in many “out of the box” virtual events and yours by far exceeded my expectations.”
“We got the opportunity to tap into our vulnerability and get another perspective on being and leading great teams to higher levels of success.”

Yesterday, I was sharing an amazing afternoon with my team and Jeremy DiAsio (Teamraderie). Was an afternoon full of reflection, good moments, and gratitude. We all recognized how our differences make us a greater family and a more powerful team (and also how many things we have in common). And maybe, the key part for me was the importance of recognition. We all need to invest more time thanking each other for how amazing people we are.

I can’t ask more to this 2023, as I have the best team.

Creator Spotlight

Bart Conner & Nadia Comaneci

First Olympic gymnasts to score perfect 10s

Ramona Braganza

Celebrity trainer and fitness expert who’s worked with Jessica Alba & Ryan Reynolds

Summer Sanders

Four-time Olympic medalist and American sports commentator

Andy Papathanassiou

NASCAR’s first “pit crew coach,” and original member of Jeff Gordon’s race team

Dr. Kathryn Velcich

Head of Learning Experience Design at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford

Coffee + Connection

Connect over coffee (or tea) and Tartine’s baked goods
Share a beloved ritual to ignite camaraderie and community
Infuse a moment of connection with tea and conversation
Bond & learn coffee flavor profiling with the UK’s top barista

Frequently Asked Questions

Teamraderie experiences work for teams of all sizes, though the optimal team size is 5-12 people.

Yes! Connect with your team regardless of location — nearly all of our experiences are available globally. Visit the experience finder to filter by globally available experiences.

Yes, Teamraderie experiences can be done in-office, hybrid, or fully remote.

Your team will receive a series of four evidence-based tips over the month following the experience. These tips include both research and actionable steps to take to continue building upon the topics your team learned in the experience.

First, read and implement the evidence-based tips you receive each week following the experience. These emails include actionable ways to continue the conversation and grow toward the target outcome. Then, continue to share Teamraderie experiences every three months with your team. A quarterly cadence ensures your team prioritizes time together to learn new skills and improve team dynamics.

Browse our experience finder to select the perfect experience for your team. Then, click ‘Book Now’ and enter your details. Contact us via chat or email with any questions you have about the process and our team will be happy to help.

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