Change is constant. Build your team’s understanding of the mindset that accomplishes different types of change.

Team members embrace change and show resiliency

Team members adapt to new situations easily

Team members feel aligned to respond to and face change

In collaboration with Teamraderie, Francesca Gino has distilled decades of research into a set of engaging, interactive team experiences that improve team agility and resilience.

In this journey, your team will participate in 45-minute live, interactive, expert-led sessions. As your organization seeks to become more agile and resilient, your team will learn how to face change and adapt. You will learn:

→ How to raise creativity to face change
→ How to make teams more adaptable amidst change
→ How to become responsive to change
→ How to get aligned to face change

Become Creative Amidst Change

Led by Dr. Kathryn Segovia, Stanford University

Develop Adaptability to Face Change

Led by Frank Barrett, Professor & Jazz Musician

Find Flexibility to Navigate Change

Led by Olympians Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner

Become Aligned to Power Through

Led by Mike Bailey, Intelligence Officer with Navy SEAL Teams

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Build Psychological Safety​

Develop Trust

Practice Difficult Conversations

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