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Embrace Change

Change is constant. Build your team’s understanding of the mindset that accomplishes different types of change.

Leading Your Team Through Uncertain Times

When employees can bring their best selves to work, they feel more autonomous, and their work feels more meaningful. Even when they’re working in their living room, their engagement has a chance to soar. Work feels like it matters more when we get to decide how it’s done. With the help of their leaders, they can make adjustments to bring more meaning to their work during this time of crisis and beyond.

How does a team learn to embrace change?

Teams must tap into their creative potential – on demand and show responsiveness to market shifts. Teams must develop adaptability to improvise when faced with constraints and embrace divergent views – and then converge to a single path forward.
Does your ideal team look like this?
  • Team members embrace change and show resiliency
  • Team members adapt to new situations easily
  • Team members feel aligned to respond to and face change
In this journey, you will learn how to:
  • Raise creativity to face change
  • Make teams more adaptable amidst change
  • Become responsive to change
  • Get aligned to face change

Start Your Team Journey

1. Assessment

Before your team’s first experience, you will all take a short survey to gauge where your team is at.

2. Experiences

Your team will participate in four curated experiences in a sequence developed in collaboration with Francesca Gino designed to improve your team’s resiliency.

Curated Experiences for Your Change & Resilience Journey
Become Creative Amidst Change
What happens when the walls of the box start blocking you from thinking outside of them? Stanford University Professor Kathryn Segovia will show your team how to move past the conventional bottleneck and break down those walls to help you see old problems in a new light.
Develop Adaptability to Face Change
What do great teams have in common with Duke Ellington and Miles Davis? They have all mastered the art of unlearning, performing and experimenting simultaneously, and taking turns soloing and supporting each other. Join Professor Frank Barrett as he teaches your team how to turn noise into music.
Find Flexibility to Navigate Change
Can perfection truly be met? Learn from two Olympic gymnasts who gained “perfection” and discuss how an athlete does not prepare for everything – but rather puts emphasis on preparing for anything.
Become Aligned to Power Through
What happens when your team is tasked by a NAVY Seal Intelligence Officer to a rescue mission? You learn how to problem solve, take initiative and strategize your way through any hostile territory blocking your team from success.

3. Practices

After each experience, you’ll receive weekly tips, exercises, and activities to put into practice with your team to continue building upon what you learned together.

You'll receive actionable tips to use...

  • At your next 1:1
  • At your next standup
  • At your next team meeting
  • At your next review

4. Measurements

At the conclusion of your last experience, your team will re-take the original assessment to measure your progress as it relates to embracing change.

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The Journey to embrace change is important any time – but particularly now when we see market uncertainty and a need to think in new ways.

— Director, Google

Journeys Effectively Improve Team Dynamics

Journeys are co-created with thought leaders from the world’s top universities. The content is all evidence-based and rigorously-aligned to the academic research. Teams learn in cohorts – and practice newly acquired skills with each other. After each experience, managers receive practical, research-backed tips that help managers to practice and extend what’s been learned.

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