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I feel so lucky to work with this amazing team of caring, brilliant and fun humans! What a nice way to end the year by celebrating with you and Teamraderie. Excited to work with you next year!

– Google Program Manager

We had such a great experience this week when Teamraderie facilitated two engaging events virtually with my ICF team in Reston, Virginia:

-Olympian Simidele Adeagbo, Nigeria and Africa’s first female skeleton athlete, shared inspiring stories about how to “Sleigh Your Goals”.

-We got to experience an international snack journey together (snacks have an interesting history, who knew?!)

They even make a difference for the environment and will plant a tree in my team’s honor with One Tree Planted through this post – something we care a lot about at ICF 🌳!

– ICF L&D Partner

Located in One Country or Global

Today we closed out our Koa Health 2023 Commercial Kick-Off, virtually, for the second year in a row. Of course, being in person feels like the best possible scenario, however, we adapted. Virtual made the most sense given the very global nature of our team and also from a cost perspective for the organization. I thoroughly enjoyed our two virtual days together. We learned, shared, questioned, laughed and so much more. In this inspiring session with Olympic athlete Simidele Adeagbo (Sleighing Without Limits), team members shared how they see our strengths: “Supportive” “Accepting” “Resilient” “Persistent” “Strong” “Smart” and the list went on. Simidele learned the sport of Skeleton and made the Olympic team in 100 days. She challenged us to think about what we can do in the next 100 days. Thank you, team and Simidele! Let’s “Sleigh” 2023!

– Koa Health Global Leader

My team had a virtual corporate event this week featuring Teamraderie. We all received an artist’s kit in the mail a week or so beforehand. It featured a rainbow of acrylic paint and several brushes, along with a pallet and blank canvas.

Most of us weren’t artists, but the instructing artists were funny in addition to showing us how to mix colors and recreate a winter-themed painting that another of their artists had created. The exercise brought us all together and was very fun, too. I highly recommend Teamraderie for your next corporate event!

– Cisco Community Engagement Manager

A couple of weeks ago, my team and I enjoyed a teambuilding session provided by Teamraderie. Not only did we enjoy a NASCAR inspired session, but we found it very fun and relevant to the corporate challenges that we are all facing. Big thanks to Andy Papathanassiou for making this connection easy to understand. It was an honor to learn from his extensive experience.

Grateful also to Teamraderie for striving to make a difference for the environment and planting a tree in our team’s honor with One Tree Planted. Chapeau!

– IBM Marketing & Communications Leader

Teams Learn New Things About Each Other

Great team session today with Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner discussing how to embed agility into teamwork as we continue to focus on progress vs. perfection. It was an amazing opp to hear from two gymnastics superstars who taught us how to cultivate a ‘ready for anything’ approach to work. Thanks Teamraderie for giving us the opportunity.

– IBM Communications Leader

I’m feeling very connected to my global team after a great virtual team event this week! Coffee and tea brought us together – to form connection, to discuss ideas, and to learn new things. We discovered a new way of brewing our hot beverages while learning the boundaries that Tartine pushed to create a sustainable, ethical and thriving bakery. Thanks Teamraderie and ServiceNow!

– ServiceNow Talent Business Partner

Survios team getting together for a little team building with Legendary NASCAR coach Andy Papathanassiou. Thank you Teamraderie for helping organize such a cool experience.

– Survios HR Leader

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