Trust Journey

Trust is the foundation for everything we do. But what do we do when it’s broken — or not shared by everyone on a team?

Team members trust one another

Building (and maintaining) trust becomes a priority

Team members communicate well to increase trust

Team members frequently express appreciation for others

Frances Frei and Anne Morriss collaborated with Teamraderie to create a three-part journey for your team to develop trust.

In this journey, your team will participate in 45-minute live, interactive, expert-led sessions. Through four interactive experiences, you will take a crash course on trust: how to build it, maintain it and restore it when lost. You will learn:

→ Why people trust you in some cases — but not others
→ How to identify where you build (and lose) trust
→ How to create trust with others
→ How to express appreciation

Logic, Reasoning, Judgement

Led by XPLANE Designer Tim May


Led by Pam McLeod, Stanford University

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