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Boost performance and
employee experience to
create a thriving culture.

The best form of leadership development is when managers and their teams grow together. Launch a program tailored to your organization’s unique goals.

Impactful Experiences to Bring Teams Together

Teamraderie provides expert-hosted, outcome-based, shared team experiences. Whether your team is in-office or distributed, our research-backed experiences help managers improve eNPS, build leadership skills, and enable effective teaming.
Build communication with a LEGO brick building challenge
Learn how to use design thinking with Stanford Professor
Collaborate in a timed pit stop with a legendary NASCAR coach
Drive change and rapid progress with a Harvard Professor

With Teamraderie, you get better...

Experiences designed to target the core pillars of productivity​

✔ Connection

✔ Wellbeing

✔ Alignment

✔ Growth

✔ Trust

✔ Recognition

Not your average team-building

Use our shared experiences to help leaders and teams connect and grow together in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

See how we helped a $4B+ Revenue SaaS company increase connection by 90%

Develop managers and equip them to grow with their teams

Foster an environment where both managers and employees are happy, productive, and progressing.

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Clear outcomes and measurable results

We help managers listen to employees,
act on their findings and measure the results of those actions.

Calculate your ROI

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Get a customized portal with curated team experiences that match YOUR company's vision and goals.

Designed in Collaboration with World-Renowned Thought Leaders

Amy Edmondson

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Grow Psychological Safety

Frances Frei

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Deepen Team Trust

Nick Bloom

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Adopting Gen AI

Bob Sutton

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: NASCAR Pit Stop

Josh Bersin

Favorite Teamraderie Experience: Finding Balance

Level Up Skills Aligned with Your Organization's Goals

Enabling managers in a modern way

Teamraderie leverages the power of AI and data to share evidence-based tips to address team challenges, recommend the best experiences or create personalized and adaptive learning paths for each team.

How One of the World's Most Valuable Companies Increased Employee Engagement Scores by 24% in Two Months

Two cohorts participated in A|B testing to measure efficacy in boosting employee engagement scores. Teamraderie won by a landslide.

Learn how you can boost your employee engagement score and increase team connection by up to 90%.

Certificates Awarded to Managers and Leaders

Teamraderie Certificates of Completion include a video to congratulate, monthly recommendations of articles and studies for leaders curated by Teamraderie in collaboration with Stanford and Harvard thought leaders, quarterly book recommendations, and invitations to exclusive Leadership Lab events.

Creator Spotlight

Summer Sanders

Four-time Olympic medalist and American sports commentator

Francesca Gino

Award-winning researcher and Harvard Business School professor

Simidele Adeagbo

First African and Black woman to compete in the Skeleton at the Olympics

Mike Bailey

Intelligence Officer who served 10 combat deployments with U.S. Navy SEAL Teams

Paul Leonardi

Award-winning researcher expert in digital transformation and remote work

More About Teamraderie

Research-backed experiences expertly designed to connect, engage, inspire, and upskill, so leaders and their teams can thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our enterprise programs work for teams of all sizes and we will work together to create the perfect program. For individual experiences, the optimal team size is 5-12 people.

Yes! Connect with your team regardless of location — nearly all of our experiences are available globally. Visit the experience finder to filter by globally available experiences.

Yes, Teamraderie experiences can be done in-office, hybrid, or fully remote.

Your team will receive a series of four evidence-based tips over the month following the experience. These tips include both research and actionable steps to take to continue building upon the topics your team learned in the experience.

First, read and implement the evidence-based tips you receive each week following the experience. These emails include actionable ways to continue the conversation and grow toward the target outcome. Then, continue to share Teamraderie experiences every three months with your team. A quarterly cadence ensures your team prioritizes time together to learn new skills and improve team dynamics.

Complete the form below to get in touch with our team. We will work together with you to understand your team needs and craft a program that will help you reach your goals.

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Request More Information About Our Program


Request More Information About Our Enterprise Program