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Improve Organizational Speed

As your company became more complex, it got harder to get things done. Smart leaders make the right things easier – and the wrong things harder. But it requires a different mindset for their teams.

Make the right things easier and the wrong things harder.

Organizations perform better when leaders remove bad friction – and introduce good friction.

But no executive can do this alone. You need your team to understand how to see what needs to get fixed (now!) and what needs to be made harder.

The best executives are enrolling their teams to learn and practice the insights from Bob Sutton’s best-selling book.

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How do you fight friction effectively?

The four experiences in this journey draw on four themes from Bob Sutton’s book, The Friction Project:

1. Connect to Begin – Establish rapport and belonging to get the best ideas
2. Subtract to Create Space – Learn to see the core problem holding you back
3. Solve the Right Problems – Eliminate needless friction to create new space
4. Make Immediate Progress – Anticipate and address the issues that impact change

Does your current team look like this?
  • Change happens too slowly
  • Doing the “right thing” can be hard due to internal friction
  • Things used to be better and move faster
  • People are less inclined to take initiative
In this journey, you will learn how to:
  • Identify and prioritize “bad friction” to be removed
  • Retain “good friction” that leads to better decisions
  • Build a more cohesive team that solves this with you
  • Break big problems into small steps — and get started

Start Your Team Journey

1. Assessment

Before your team’s first experience, you will all take a short survey to gauge where your team is at.

2. Experiences

Your team will participate in four curated experiences in a sequence developed in collaboration with Bob Sutton designed to improve efficiency.

Curated Experiences for Your Journey to Reduce Friction
Practice intentionally inclusive leadership. Start your journey by ensuring your team feels rapport and belonging. This will ensure more perspectives are shared and better alignment is reached.
Subtract to Create Space

Led by a Stanford professor, your team will play “The Subtraction Game” – identifying the things that must be removed in order to help the organization move faster and innovate better.

Solve the Right Problems

A bias to action is good – most of the time. But cycles are wasted when teams dive into the wrong problem or miss a root cause. Join a Stanford professor in learning (and practicing!) how your team can make sure it always starts in the right place.

Small steps toward big things
Align your goals and vision and celebrate small wins that lead to big progress as you hear from Tatyana McFadden, the world’s most decorated Paralympic athlete.

3. Practices

After each experience, you’ll receive weekly tips, exercises, and activities to put into practice with your team to continue building upon what you learned together.

You'll receive actionable tips to use...

  • At your next 1:1
  • At your next standup
  • At your next team meeting
  • At your next review

4. Measurements

At the conclusion of your last experience, your team will re-take the original assessment to measure your progress as it relates to improving efficiency on your team.

Book This Journey
For Your Team

$8,000 for up to 20 team members
Headcount is editable later

Certificates Awarded to Teams Upon Completion

Teamraderie Certificates of Completion include a video to congratulate, monthly recommendations of articles and studies for leaders curated by Teamraderie in collaboration with Stanford and Harvard thought leaders, quarterly book recommendations, and invitations to exclusive Leadership Lab events.

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Journeys Effectively Improve Team Dynamics

Journeys are co-created with thought leaders from the world’s top universities. The content is all evidence-based and rigorously-aligned to the academic research. Teams learn in cohorts – and practice newly acquired skills with each other. After each experience, managers receive practical, research-backed tips that help managers to practice and extend what’s been learned.

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