Book a Psychological Safety Journey for your team between 3/1/23 and 3/31/23 and be entered to win a signed copy of "The Fearless Organization" by Amy Edmondson."

Safety Journey

Teams thrive when they feel safe to express their thoughts and ideas, and are more innovative, creative, and higher-performing.

Team members help one another

Team members feel seen, heard, and understood

Team members are not afraid of making mistakes or taking risks

Team members feel confident to speak up

In collaboration with Teamraderie, Amy Edmondson has distilled decades of research into a set of engaging, interactive team experiences that improve psychological safety.

In this journey, your team will participate in 45-minute live, interactive, expert-led sessions. Each experience focuses on a different dimension of psychological safety. You will learn how to:

→ Create an accountable culture
→ Help others lead more authentically
→ Encourage others to take risks
→ Become more inclusive

Willingness to Help

Led by Four-Time Olympic Medal Winner and NBA Analyst Summer Sanders

Inclusion & Diversity

Virtual Game to Connect with your Team

Attitude Towards Failure

Led by First Nigerian Winter Olympian Simidele Adeagbo

Open Conversation

Led by Dr. Kathryn Segovia, Stanford University

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Resources for you.

Develop Trust

Practice Difficult Conversations

Embrace Change