Your Team's Experience

Does your team want to bring their fullest and best selves to work by creating more meaningful, supportive relationships with colleagues?

Using the principles of Radical Candor and expert guidance from Radical Candor-trained coaches, your team will practice modern ways to connect with distributed colleagues. 

After a group warm-up exercise and context setting from the Radical Candor facilitator, you will play your way to better relationships through pair exercises and group discussion. The exercises let your team experience the key Radical Candor concept of relationship-building – as well as reflect on what you learned together.

In Round 1 (“Connection and storytelling”), pairs connect and build safety with each other by sharing stories. In Round 2 (“Giving and Receiving Praise”), partners provide each other specific and sincere praise based on the first activity. The experience closes with a group discussion, exploring what Gallup research demonstrates: that requesting feedback can help co-workers bond. Participants reflect on the kinds of questions they could ask that would help them improve on the stories they shared from round 1. 

Those who have completed this experience say their teams shifted from feeling it is ‘really hard’ to connect with colleagues to feeling ‘highly confident’ they can build relationships in a distributed/virtual environment.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Amy Sandler

    Amy is the Chief Content Officer at Radical Candor. She is a Candor Coach and hosts the Radical Candor podcast. As an executive coach and corporate mindfulness trainer, Amy has 20+ years of experience in senior roles including Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Vistage and UCLA. She has an AB and MBA from Harvard University and an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. She is a certified teacher of the Search Inside Yourself leadership program developed at Google.

  • Jason Rosoff

    Jason is the cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Radical Candor. He has helped hundreds of companies create better interpersonal relationships through a more Radically Candid culture. Jason has prior experience in software product design for products like Trello and Stackoverflow. As Chief Product Officer and Chief People Officer at Khan Academy, Jason helped grow the business from a few hundred to over 100 million students.

To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
$4,500 for up to 20 people
HeadcountYou can always add more attendees later!
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What Happens Next?


CHRO on 10-person executive team
March, 2023

“…this was an effective way for us to reconnect and build on our relationships…”

Associate to VP
February, 2023

“Radical Candor is something we ALL need in life and our workplace.”

Event & Experience Lead
February, 2023

“I organized this Teamraderie experience for a group of EAs and heard nothing but positive feedback…”

Marketing Program Manager
March, 2023

“This event really opened the team’s eyes on how to approach certain situations with humility and has improved our internal team communication. “

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.