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Break Down Complexity with Legendary Choreographer

  • 45 min
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About the experience

Would you believe it if the world’s most popular choreographer told you that he did not grow up dancing and in fact taught himself how to dance as an adult?
Led by the world’s #1 choreographer (who works with Taylor Swift and Beyonce, among others) Matt Steffanina, this experience aims to energize and motivate your team through an engaging conversation and activity.  During the experience, you will discuss practical ideas for breaking down complex problems and innovating, inspired by the world of Choreography together. You will end the experience by practicing a simple dance move together. You will take away new approaches to mastering a skill one step at a time.   
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn new approaches to mastering a skill, leaving you with new insights and a feeling of camaraderie…one step at a time.

Book this experience when you want to:

Boost Energy and Motivation
Beat the midday slump with this pick-me-up experience to boost energy, motivation, and productivity on your team.
Develop Skills
Level up your team by developing crucial skills that create a solid foundation for optimal team performance.
Flexible Learning Mindset
Help others become more receptive to change and growth. Instill a flexible learning mindset to advance as a team.
Form a United Team
Creating a united team allows you to work together while supporting each other as you work to achieve your common goals.
Share with Clients and Customers
Build trust and connection with clients and customers by inviting them to join you in sharing this experience.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creater hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creater hosts to lead your experience
Matt Steffanina
Matt Steffanina
Matt Steffanina is the world’s most popular choreographer. He has become one of the industry’s most sought after choreographers for TV, commercials, and movies. Matt’s credits include So You Think You Can Dance, Step Up, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Krewella, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and more. In 2016 he won The Amazing Race transforming him from a well known choreographer to an international superstar. Matt is the most ‘followed’ dancer in the world with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, over 7 million followers on TikTok, over 4M followers on Instagram, and over 1.5 billion views on his videos.

Customer Reviews

“…we loved it; message of everything is possible ‘step-at-a-time’ was right for us…”

CEO for $200M SaaS company

September, 2023

“…phenomenal experience for revenue kickoff…”

VP Events at $200M SaaS company

August, 2023

“…universally, people loved it; we have awesome picture of Matt teaching us to dance…”

VP People and Culture

August, 2023

“…Fun time kicking off the quarter with Matt Steffanina learning from his experience…”

CRO for $10B SaaS company

September, 2023

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