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Coffee ‘Cupping’ Technique – Learn and Classify as a Team

  • 55 min
  • Includes Kit
  • V/GF/NF Options
  • Available Globally
  • Free 48hr Hold

About the experience

Do you want to learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee?
Led by London’s top barista, this experience aims to foster connection through a shared coffee tasting activity. During the experience, you will brew five different coffees and practice the coffee ‘cupping’ technique together. Teamraderie will provide you with coffees, a scale, and a ‘cupping’ spoon. You will learn how to identify the roast level, origin, and processing method that best matches your taste.
Don’t miss this opportunity to foster connection, leaving you with new insights and an appreciation for the art of coffee.
Please note that due to current import and customs regulations, we are unable to ship coffee cupping kits to Spain, Poland, and Romania.

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Form a United Team
Creating a united team allows you to work together while supporting each other as you work to achieve your common goals.
Make Connections
Whether it’s a connection to your organization’s purpose or to colleagues, make connection-building a priority

Your kits include:

  • Five (5) Coffees with different flavor profiles
  • One (1) Cupping spoon
  • One (1) Digital gram scale
  • One (1) Coffee cupping guide

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creater hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creater hosts to lead your experience
Sara Larsson
Sara Larsson
Sara is the Head of Education and Events at Square Mile Coffee Roasters in the UK, a multi-award-winning coffee roasting company founded in 2008. With more than 10 years experience in specialty coffee, she runs the London-based Prufrock Training & Consulting, one of the world’s most acclaimed sources for coffee expertise. Sara is an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Trainer and is on the Creators’ Group for the SCA Barista Skills module.

Optional add-ons to your kit

Note Card
Note Card

High quality full-color custom message immediately visible when opening kit.
$50.00 + $1.00 per kit

Sticker on the Box
Sticker on the Box

Large (3x5) full-color logo added to the top of each box.
$50.00 + $1.00 per kit

Customer Reviews

“…the kit is so wonderful…five coffees, a scale, a cupping spoon, cups, everything…”

Executive Business Partner for 15 person org

September, 2023

“…barista was super-engaging of my team; we all loved the kit – very generous and lots of praise all-around…”

Marketing leader of team of 7

August, 2023

“…my team was excited. Great kit and impressive host…”

Finance leader with team of 10

August, 2023

“This got great reviews from our team; never done this before and host was spectacular….”

Product leader with team of 20

September, 2023

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