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Intelligent Failure in Sport

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Does your team need to practice “intelligent failure”?
Led by Olympian Summer Sanders, this experience helps teams understand the concept of identifying ‘small risks’ through the lens of sport. During the experience, you will explore examples of how coaches prepare their teams for success by exposing them to certain failure – in deliberate ways. You will use a format developed by Stanford University and Teamraderie. Your team will learn the concept of “small risks” and identify ways to impart these in how you operate.
Don’t miss this opportunity to practice “intelligent failure”, leaving you with new insights, a feeling of camaraderie, and a revitalized team spirit.

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Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creater hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creater hosts to lead your experience
Summer Sanders
Summer Sanders
Summer Sanders is four-time Olympic medal winner and American sports commentator. Summer hosted the NBA’s “Inside Stuff” for eight seasons where she gained an exclusive view to the behaviors that distinguished winning teams from those teams that had talent — but failed to win championships. Summer is a graduate of Stanford University and the author of “Champions Are Raised, Not Born.”  (Photo courtesy of Michele Crowe/CBS)

Customer Reviews

“…really outstanding experience…Summer is super-engaging…”

CRO of a team of 300

September, 2023

“…Summer’s explanation of each coach’s style led us into a unique discussion on how we could utilize their lessons to become better leaders…”

CCO of a customer success team of 50

August, 2023

“…Summer is as thoughtful as she is inspirational; we got a lot out of this and have lots to talk through together as a team…”

Product Manager of a team of 8

August, 2023

“…our team was thrilled to have a chance to meet Summer Sanders and talk about such thrilling examples of leadership…”

Product Manager of a team of 8

September, 2023

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