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Malbec and Murals: Sip and Paint Together

  • 55 min
  • Includes Kit
  • Available Globally
  • Non Alcoholic options
  • Free 48hr Hold

About the experience

Did you know that there are many connections between artistic murals and wine?
Led by an expert facilitator, this experience aims to boost connection and wellbeing through a shared paint and sip activity. During the experience, you will taste wine together, learn mural painting techniques, and create a masterpiece together. You will use wine, paints, a canvas, and brushes provided by Teamraderie. You will learn that while the instructions are the same, each piece created represents the uniqueness of the individual who painted it. No painting experience necessary!
Don’t miss this opportunity to boost connection and wellbeing, leaving you with fresh perspectives, a strengthened sense of camaraderie, and a collective team spirit.

Book this experience when you want to:

Form a United Team
Creating a united team allows you to work together while supporting each other as you work to achieve your common goals.
Improve Wellbeing
Health and wellness are vital in all aspects of life. Improve well-being through exercise and mindfulness while at work.
Inspire Joy
What’s better than bringing a smile to someone’s face? Enjoy this joyful experience and share smiles with your team
Make Connections
Whether it’s a connection to your organization’s purpose or to colleagues, make connection-building a priority
Share with Clients and Customers
Build trust and connection with clients and customers by inviting them to join you in sharing this experience.

Your kits include:

  • One (1) 750 mL bottle of Malbec wine
  • Set of acrylic paints
  • Canvas
  • Easel
  • Paintbrushes
  • Your attendees may opt for an equally attractive non-alcoholic alternative when providing their delivery address

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience
Danielle Schulz
Danielle Schulz
Danielle Schulz is a former professional ballet dancer turned wellness and team building facilitator. After a career at the Metropolitan Opera, she applied her distinct background to the corporate world. Danielle’s a certified yoga teacher, certified nutrition counselor, and former Ballet Beautiful trainer for celebrity clients. Danielle is passionate about bringing people together through unique experiences. Her mission is to bond communities in the virtual workplace while emphasizing individual health and wellness.

Optional add-ons to your kit

Note Card
Note Card

High quality full-color custom message immediately visible when opening kit.

$50 + $1 per kit

Sticker on the Box
Sticker on the Box

Large (3x5) full-color logo added to the top of each box.

$50 + $1 per kit

Customer Reviews

“…loved having an event that highlighted creativity and wellbeing for my team…and the wine was great!”

Project Manager

December, 2023

“…the mural makes a great addition to my desk set-up. My team had a great time and the host was very engaging…”

November, 2023

“…we had a great discussion about how to prioritize breaks and moments for creativity as a team…”
People Manager

November, 2023

“…I enjoyed learning the different techniques and appreciated the free expression part of the experience…”

December, 2023

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