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Do you find ‘hybrid meetings’ challenging?

Remote participants feel a lack of inclusion by in-office colleagues. In-office participants feel a lack of engagement by remote colleagues.

‘Hybrid meetings’ lack cohesion and connection. It leads to declining equity (according to McKinsey) and a drop in employee experience (according to Slack).

In this experience, Stanford University’s Glenn Fajardo joins you live. Your team will play three games to understand what’s going wrong, why it’s happening, and how to adjust.

Bring your team together for a 45-minute session that will improve how you work.

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  • Glenn Fajardo

    Glenn Fajardo is the co-author of the January 2021 “Rituals for Virtual Meetings: Creative Ways to Engage People and Strengthen Relationships” and a fellow at the Stanford University School of Design. Glenn has spent the past five years teaching executive education classes at Stanford that emphasized how people can be creative together when they are far apart, including “Design Across Borders”, “Design Insider / Outsider” and “Long Distance Design”. Glenn has been a student of virtual collaboration since 2008, working with teams across six continents engaged in social impact work.

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$1,500 for up to 30 people
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VP on 14-person distributed team
February, 2023

“…Glenn’s knowledge of all aspects of team collaboration is impressive. We used this experience to help us prepare for our new hybrid work model…”

Chief of Staff at $100 SaaS company
January, 2023

“…we enjoyed the exercises that we did together during the experience. We took away some helpful tips on how to build an inclusive and effective hybrid workplace…”

CIO at corporate firm
January, 2023

“..what a great transition from remote to hybrid work…”

Manager of 500 Person Organization
February, 2023

“Teamraderie and Glenn did an excellent job of customizing this experience to our team values.”

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