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How can moss art boost team wellbeing and unlock new creative processes?

Moss art is primarily made from preserved moss adorned with other natural elements. Symbolizing harmony and communion with nature, moss wall art is said to improve moods, create a sense of calm, and increase productivity. 

In this Teamraderie experience, your team receives a kit with all the items needed to make their own moss wall art creations at home. First, your team will work simultaneously to create a similar style of moss art. Then, you will be instructed to use creative liberties to design a unique piece. As you share your creations, you will learn how others’ minds work and tap into your team’s creative process.

Bring your team together, relax with nature, and create as a team!

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Charlotte Mulligan

    Charlotte Mulligan is an artist, musician, and avid hiker. She has a passion for bringing people together through art and nature. She studied neuroscience, psychology, and art at Pace University. In addition to her many interests, Charlotte has multi-year experience in the hospitality industry. Charlotte combines her studies and passions to help team’s unlock their own creative potential through artistic expression and unique art forms.

  • Jeremy DiAsio

    Jeremy DiAsio has a passion for bringing people together. Having a multi-decade history in the hospitality industry ranging from chef to barista to server to sommelier to assistant general manager. After culinary school, Jeremy owned a spice company before moving to Washington, DC and taking the restaurant industry by storm. Jeremy has spent the last year helping 1000’s of teams grow, bond and connect through shared experiences with Teamraderie.

Additional (optional) items for your kit.

Pick any one or more add-ons to enhance your kits:

    • Custom Note Card
      $25 + $0.50 per kit

      High quality full-color custom message immediately visible when opening kit.

    • Your Logo on the Box
      $25 + $0.50 per kit

      Large (3x5) full-color logo added to the top of each box.

To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
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What Happens Next?


Business Partner with team of 20
March, 2023

“…this was a fun way to be creative and learn more about my teammates…”

Product Leader with team of 20
February, 2023

“…very unique art experience for all teams to have fun and engage…”

Chief People Officer at Fortune 100 company
February, 2023

“…with all of our hectic schedules, it was great to dedicate some time to be creative and connect…”

Engineering Manager with team of 10
March, 2023

“…I personally enjoyed the way this experience mixed taking time to relax with finding a creative outlet…”

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.