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March is Women’s History Month. A time to honor and celebrate the achievements of women and the role of women in shaping society today. A part of this story is the women-owned and women-run breweries establishing new norms for gender equality in the beverage industry.

In this Teamraderie experience, your team receives a beautiful kit with four (4) craft beers from women-run breweries, popcorn, and a commemorative glass. Participants can also replace the craft beers with an equally-tasty assortment of four (4) non-alcoholic brewed drinks with flavor profiles that map to the beers.

To guide your team, you will be joined by an acclaimed beer expert — such as one of America’s top beer authors, the UK’s foremost expert on beers and pub life, or a certified Cicerone.

As you taste your beers, your team will learn more about each brewery and celebrate the stories of their owners and brewers.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Hal and Cindy Mooney

    Hal is your beer friend. He’s the guy you text when you’re at a brewery and don’t know what to order. He started Your Beer Friend with his wife Cindy (both of them are Certified Cicerones®) after running a successful brewery tour in Los Angeles since 2012. As a Certified Cicerone®, Hal is eager to chat all things beer including brewery business models, food pairings and why glassware matters. He might even share why you should think twice about freezing your beer mug.

  • Jeff Alworth

    Jeff is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. His books include the IACP-winning “Beer Bible, The Secrets of Master Brewers”, “The Widmer Way”, and “Cider Made Simple”. When he’s not working on a book, he can be found writing about beer at his blog, Beervana. He also co-hosts the Beervana Podcast, where he and Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson discuss beer and the economics of beer.

  • Mark Dredge

    Mark is a world-renowned beer expert. He’s a best-selling author who’s written seven books about beer, a regular presenter on live TV in the UK, an international beer judge and traveled the world looking for the best-tasting beers. He is the author of the recently-published “A Brief History of Lager: 500 Years of the World’s Favourite Beer”. His other books include; “The New Craft Beer World”, “The Beer Bucket List”, “Cooking With Beer”, “Beer and Food”,  “Craft Beer World”, and “The Best Beer in the World”.

Additional (optional) items for your kit.

Pick any one or more add-ons to enhance your kits:

    • Custom Note Card
      $25 + $0.50 per kit

      High quality full-color custom message immediately visible when opening kit.

    • Your Logo on the Box
      $25 + $0.50 per kit

      Large (3x5) full-color logo added to the top of each box.

To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
$95 per person + shipping
HeadcountYou can always add more attendees later!
This experience is U.S.-only. Please select other experiences if you have a global team.
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What Happens Next?


Engineering manager with team of 20
March, 2023

“…so fun…we learned about craft beer-making, but we had great discussions about how ‘beer’ and ‘engineering’ are incredibly similar…”



Engineering manager with team of 10
February, 2023

“…highly-recommended…logistics were flawless, beers were ones I’d never tasted…five stars!…”

Analytics leader with team of 11
February, 2023

“…excellent experience for a team just looking to come together…”

Katherine Anne
Operations leader
March, 2023

“…our team has drinkers and non-drinkers; some (incl. me) don’t really like beer; this was great — all of us were included, and engaged, by the way this was lead…”

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.