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Digital Card Game To Recognize Team Strengths

  • 75 min
  • Available Globally
  • Free 48hr Hold

About the experience

Did you know that learning your Teammates’ perceptions of your strengths can have positive effects on team dynamics?
Led by a teambuilding expert, this experience aims to not only increase empathy, but an overall feeling of inclusion and belonging through an interactive digital card game. During the experience, you will take part in a science-based team-building game; assigning everyone cards based on their strengths and personality type. Using a custom virtual game board provided by Teamraderie, you will discuss the best qualities in each of your teammates and what strengths you bring to the team. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to increase inclusion, belonging, and empathy, leaving you with enhanced self-awareness, improved communication, and boosted team cohesion.

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Create Inclusion and Belonging
Everyone on your team should feel seen, heard, and valued. Increase your team’s sense of belonging with this experience.
Transform Your Foundation
Establish a critical foundation for your team to work their best. No two teams are alike; create something that works for YOU.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience
Jeremy DiAsio
Jeremy DiAsio
Jeremy DiAsio has a passion for bringing people together. Having a multi-decade history in the hospitality industry ranging from chef to barista to server to sommelier to assistant general manager. After culinary school, Jeremy owned a spice company before moving to Washington, DC and taking the restaurant industry by storm. Jeremy has spent the last year helping 1000’s of teams grow, bond and connect through shared experiences with Teamraderie.

Customer Reviews

“Our team has been together for so long, I didn’t think it was possible for us to become even stronger!”

VP Marketing

December, 2023

“This experience was so fun! I can’t wait to share my Totem with my family!”

Business Development Manager

November, 2023

“Our team thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Not only did we learn our strengths, but we learned how to become a better team.”

Digital Content Manager

November, 2023

“We’re a close team, but spread all over the world. It was so nice to spend some time bonding.”

Senior Executive Assistant

December, 2023

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