The Experience

Why can some sports teams perform together in ways that exceed potential? Why do other sports teams fail to play cohesively?

Four-time Olympic medalist Summer Sanders joins you live. She will discuss three norms of high-performing athletic teams – willingness to be vulnerable, accountability for action, and shared mindset – and help your team apply those ideas to their work.

The business meme of ‘wearing your Speedo to work’ — recently trending on LinkedIn and Facebook — was born from thousands of people whose teams participated in this foundational Teamraderie experience.

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The Creator

Summer Sanders is four-time Olympic medal winner and an American sports commentator. She won four medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and nine NCAA championship titles during her two-year career at Stanford University. Summer hosted the NBA’s “Inside Stuff” for eight seasons and was Nickelodeon’s first ever female game show host of “Figure It Out” for 5 seasons. She has been a correspondent for Good Morning America and the Today Show. She has also covered 8 Olympic Games for both NBC and Yahoo Sports as reporter and host. Summer is the author of “Champions Are Raised, Not Born”. Summer is a member of the Teamraderie Product Advisory Council.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals. Read more about the needs this experience could fill for your team.

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Kevin • November 2021

CRO of a team of 300

“…really outstanding experience…Summer is super-engaging…”


Erin • November 2021

CCO of a customer success team of 50

“…we have a new meme on the team; we tell each other to ‘bring your speedo!’ for certain meetings now!…”

Janelle • November 2021

Product Manager of a team of 8

“…our team was thrilled to have a chance to meet Summer Sanders…she is so smart and so crisp about what ‘good’ looks like on a team…”

Tristan • November 2021

Product Manager of a team of 8

“…Summer is as thoughtful as she is inspirational; we got a lot out of this and have lots to talk through together as a team…”