The Experience

How does the world’s fastest woman prepare for competition? How should a team ready itself to compete at its highest level?

Lilly King, world-record holder, five-time Olympic medalist, and 2024 Paris Olympic hopeful, joins you live. She will discuss how to train for success in ‘imperfect’ moments, suggest how to add a new dimension to any competition, share why great teams and ‘goldfish’ have a lot in common, and help you explore what ‘Olympic caliber’ could mean to your team.

This is a rare moment to meet one of the most exciting female athletes.

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The Creators

Lilly King is the world’s top-rated female swimmer and veteran Team USA member.

She is the current world record holder for the women’s 100m breaststroke – and is a member of the four-woman U.S. team that holds the world record for 4x100m medley relay.

Lilly won two medals (both gold) at the 2016 Rio Olympics and won three medals (two silver, one bronze) at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. She is training to compete in her third Olympic games — the Paris games of 2024.

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Laura • October 2021

CMO for $1B company

“…loved exposing my team to someone like Lilly…”


Andrea • September 2021

VP Product for $1B company

“…we had a thoughtful discussion both with Lilly and afterwards…team is now asking itself, ‘How do we compete on a second dimension?’…”

Danica • September 2021

VP Product for $1B company

“…I’ve never seen a format like this…incredibly engaging for us…we could not have been more thrilled…”