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How can the same three inputs yield an infinite variety of outputs? Process, culture, and creativity enable infinite recombinations, each of which produce a unique and exceptional product and experience.

This is a fundamental truth of cheese, and it’s what led international expert and author Liz Thorpe to abandon her corporate career and pursue a 20 year journey in cheese.

Liz will lead your team through a guided tasting of 4 different cheese types, articulating what each style has in common and how to begin to differentiate by familiar cheeses everyone knows. Using illustrated flavor and aroma wheels from Liz’s most recent book, your team can share their impressions of taste and gain inspiration from the endless possibilities represented by the world of cheese.

Please note that there are no substitutes for this experience. 

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  • Liz Thorpe

    Liz Thorpe is a celebrated cheese expert and author of two books about cheese. In 2002, Liz was drawn out of corporate America to pursue her passion for cheese. Since then she has become the country’s leading expert on cheese, from working the counter at New York’s famed Murray’s Cheese and later managing Murray’s businesses as vice president, to designing cheese menus for the country’s best restaurants. Now, as founder of The People’s Cheese, Liz teaches a broader market why cheese matters and how to make it a part of everyday life.

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What Happens Next?


Finance leader with team of 15
October, 2022

“…I know more about my team…and cheese!”

Chief Content Officer
September, 2022

“I enjoyed how the leader included everyone and made us all feel like a family…”

Engineering leader with team of 12
September, 2022

“Liz was amazing but the cheese was even better!”

CMO at $150 SaaS company
October, 2022

“…educational, team-oriented, and delicious….”

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