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What can your team learn about collaboration and creativity from NASCAR?

In motorsports, races are won and lost based on fractions of a second. The speed and precision of recurring pit stops in a race — where a dozen people collaborate around a vehicle – have the power to decide who wins.  A three-hour race can come down to those precious few seconds spent in the pits.

Pit stops are a collection of movement, concentration, empathy and reaction. Successfully accomplishing a virtual tire change (and learning from your mistakes), with your remote and hybrid teams, requires identical connection and execution.

For decades, mechanics, who optimized team performance based on individual skills and expertise, comprised pit crew rosters.  In the early 1990s, a former Stanford University football player, Andy Papathanassiou revolutionized the approach to pit stops — encouraging a new, more collaborative mindset.  His greatest value to motorsports, initially, was his position as an outsider, combined with outside-the-box thinking and ideas that fresh eyes bring to any challenge.

The result? Pit stop times dropped and the NASCAR crews coached by Andy consistently won. Today, the entire sport has shifted to leverage his methodology and cultural approach for working fast — together.

In this Teamraderie experience, Andy Papathanassiou joins you live. First, to lead an exercise in which your team performs its own competitive, virtual pit stop. You will learn the complexity of the collaboration and recognize the imperative for speed balanced against the need for accuracy. Next, Andy shares the analogies between pit stops and your own collaboration — all process driven events — and asks questions designed to evoke discussions that reveal constructive (and less constructive!) collaboration patterns in your own business.

Teams are astonished at the relevance of the “pit stop” analogy to software development, product innovations, and go-to-market. Bring your team together — led by NASCAR’s most thoughtful human performance director.

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  • Andy Papathanassiou

    Andy Papathanassiou became NASCAR’s first “pit crew coach,” and an original member of Jeff Gordon’s race team in 1992. His philosophy and views as an outsider ultimately shifted the paradigm of how pit crews train their members. Andy employed an athletic mindset which centered on practice and repetition, coaching and review, innovation and process improvement. Collectively, he calls this philosophy, Over the Wall. Andy holds a Bachelor’s in economics and Master’s degree in Sociology, from Stanford University, starting four years on the football team. This athletic career formed the foundation of his disruptive history in professional motorsports.

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Chief Engineer at Fortune 10 tech company
February, 2023

“…great for engineering teams or anyone who needs a kick in the b&#* for how you think about ‘collaboration’…”

Chief People Officer at Fortune 100 company
January, 2023

“…very fun, really creative, and extremely well executed…”

Head of Culture & Engagement at SaaS company
January, 2023

“…wow, really well-done; we needed ‘new’ and this experience delivered!…”

Engineering Leader at Fortune 100 company
February, 2023

“…strongly recommend this to any cross-functional engineering org…I had no idea NASCAR was such a parable for software development…”

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